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  1. Sorry - you need full or close to full stereopsis for most programs. When candidates are asked to submit their application most programs do require a full exam by an ophthalmologist. This includes an examination of stereoacuity (Stereo fly and random E) and best-corrected Snellen visual acuity. If you have an amblyopic eye you probably don't have the depth perception required to do microsurgery that is not video-assisted. Cataract and vitrectomy surgery, and even some aspects of oculoplastics all require the microscope or relatively higher powered loupes to help magnify what you are doing under stereoscopic conditions. However, video-assisted surgery such as laparoscopic surgery in its current state may be a hope. https://bjo.bmj.com/content/99/2/240 You can always email the programs to ask as well. However, a lot of fine details, ex. subtly raised lesions in the retina, etc. require stereopsis so if you're not able to see out of one eye currently, it will be very hard to meet the basic requirements of the program. My apologies.
  2. distressedpremed

    Unhappy in medicine?

    Hey dude/dudette, First of all, it's ok. It's something everyone goes through. I'm not saying first of all that you'll "get over it" and decide to go back, but I understand your feelings and I've been there as well. I think some of the more senior members here can help a bit of you let us know: 1) Is there any specialty at all you're interested in 2) Can you tolerate ANY clinical work (including radiology/pathology etc) at all in your future 3) How much debt do you have from med school 4) Any other careers you're interested in I think that this would help a bit more for us to give some advice and this thread to be more productive. There are groups on facebook in regards to helping people quit medical school/residency and find better outlets for their time and energy.
  3. distressedpremed

    Bank of Canada Rises Rates - again!

    Well, if you want to try to think about it as a positive, every dollar you put back into the LoC basically saves you a bit more interest... I was starting to think about investing a bit of money at this point where I am at with my savings, but with the increasing LoC interest rates the strategy is still to put back as much money possible to the LoC. Think of it maybe close to a crappy GIC. Kinda sucks when you have expensive exams and other items...
  4. distressedpremed

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Jeez.
  5. https://coalitionofontariodoctors.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/OSA-CHARTER.pdf
  6. This seems pretty similar to what I have though (I'm with scotia)...with the exception of the $300,000 upper limit
  7. distressedpremed

    Online Master's Degrees

    Completely agree especially with the last paragraph, R. Thanks for the mentorship. Now it's just more about getting started and making sure I have the financial resources to back it up as well.
  8. distressedpremed

    Online Master's Degrees

    Hey R - thanks for commenting. I want to do this online because I'm in a small program and just bringing this up with my coresidents means that there will be more call for everyone when I'm not there. I'm probably not at a stage yet where I want to do that, hence the lean towards concurrent degrees without taking time off. For instance, some data science masters even from EDx https://www.edx.org/masters/online-master-data-science-uc-san-diego#curriculum I've been looking into. I think it's important because I want to have some personal "branding" or better skills for academic positions in the future. I think that I'm happy doing data entry and some basic analysis, but it'll be nice to work in consultation with data scientists and statisticians where you can speak the same language or even run similar analysis (or in some cases, be able to do it yourself).
  9. distressedpremed

    Online Master's Degrees

    I'm partially interested in statistics and data analysis (I did some when I was working in research) and I would like to have a larger skillset in the area. It is also in case I need to apply for academic center positions in the future. Paging @rmorelan on any thoughts?
  10. Hey guys, I'm currently looking for any advice or suggestions into online masters degrees. I don't think that I'll be able to take a year off to do research in my program and I think that I'll have to do concurrently with residency. I'll most likely be self-funded as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on any particular masters degrees that people have completed during residency that were online? Thanks!
  11. distressedpremed

    Android or IOS?

    iMessage so that staff or seniors you can tell if they actually read your text/facetime Some people just don't want to use whatsapp
  12. distressedpremed

    Are Residents in Canada Overworked and Underpaid?

    We in Alberta still pay tuition - it's about $950 a year.
  13. distressedpremed

    USMLE Step 1

    Good luck man - I hope it's easier as a resident writing it, because that's the next thing that I have to do.
  14. I think personally, it's important that the medical student realizes (in a positive way) that sometimes, there's no more learning to be done. When I'm sending someone home, it's not because he/she did a bad job, it's just I need to focus on my role in service as well. For me, if you've helped out with clinic, you've worked hard, and I've set aside some 1-on-1 teaching, then afterwards you should go home when I dismiss you. I've got other things to do - dictations, answering pages, I want to just relax as well. I don't want to give scutwork either, and it's hard to always find something to talk to or teach. It can be really hard to balance handling pages/patients with a keen med student constantly over your shoulder. I didn't realize when I was a med student, but as a resident the juggling gets a lot more difficult. Sometimes the best students on elective know when to take a hint.