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  1. ^^ same, end of May. I would much rather it come sooner rather than later, I really want to get the ball rolling
  2. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has called UWO and inquired as to when they will release their results? I don't want to annoy them with calls if other people have already called them
  3. Okay good points! And my GPA would end up being around 3.95, would that be considered "super high" ? or would that be more like 3.98-4.0 area? I suppose actually studying and doing it again wouldn't hurt, like you said
  4. I'm new to this whole thing and I wrote the DAT in November just to see how it would be. I've been reading/hearing conflicting opinions on this and I figured the predent community here would be up to speed with this... My scores were: AA19, PAT20, and RC20 Should I rewrite or is this considered competitive? Thanks in advance for the insight!
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