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  1. Its up to you. If you are someone who does well with ebooks then use that. Are you sure the app is fully free? Sometimes the official apps are free and then they charge you to buy the book in the app.
  2. If you are really interested in the rotation, i.e. its a specialty you want, it may be beneficial to be extra keen. All this depends on the service, your interest etc., but generally, if they tell you to go home, always double check theres nothing you can do. If you have that confirmed, you can safely go home. If this is your specialty of interest, ask residents and seniors for advice, some specialties/location combinations have hidden expectations that you may need to be in the know to fulfill and do well. If this is not a specialty you are interested in, go home when they tell you to. Often times they don't expect as much out of elective clerks, it could be for a variety of reasons, the elective clerk may not be as experienced or expected to do as much. If the elective clerk is just here to have fun and travel, they wouldn't be expected to stay post-call for example.
  3. Income is lower, however better hours in general, slower training though, hard to find a consultant position due to few positions and as a result you end up as a middle grade staff for longer.
  4. The cases where people "backed up" into more competitive specialties could be people who were focusing on location and were competitive for multiple specialties and so their 2nd rank was actually their alternate specialty as you alluded to.
  5. Edict

    Clerkship resources

    Toronto Notes does this actually. I got Toronto Notes and I found it was useful as my go to resource for whenever I needed to look something up after uptodate of course.
  6. Edict

    Thoughts on BS/MD programs?

    I think BS/MD programs have their place, the main advantage I see in programs like that is it allows people to be more focused on medicine from day one and it can reduce training times. Ultimately, the things you do in undergrad have very little influence or benefit on what you eventually do as a physician, so I can definitely see the benefit of reducing medical school to 6-7 years instead of the current 8.
  7. If med is really what you want then do it. It is an adventure, not many can say they lived in the Yukon for 2 years anyways. If you ask me, the system doesn't really care about you, we see this all the time when med schools change their admission requirements last minute, so i don't feel like you owe them anything. Besides, 2 years isn't a short time and they are still getting someone who has lived in the North.
  8. Edict

    How to do authorship?

    Most likely if they were involved in the design, implementation or review of the paper, you'd include them as an author. If they were there for psychological and social support, then probably not. I would discuss with them though, having a prof on your paper probably increases the chances of acceptance anyways.
  9. Edict

    Doctor, dentist, or pharmacist?

    Looking at things now, I absolutely feel like the other healthcare professions like pharmacists, SLP, PT/OT, PA etc. get a raw deal. Their grades are often just a tad lower without maybe the MCAT and EC requirements, but the difference in career, income, responsibility is immense. Even as a clerk, I was treated with seniority and respect by hospital based pharmacists many of whom were 10 years older than me. It felt surreal, and truthfully, a bit unfair. If I were you, i'd still be going for either med school or dental school.
  10. Edict

    PhD Friendly MD Schools

    I thought they got rid of it and brought it back very shortly after?
  11. You do get choice, but it does happen sometimes where you get placed farther away. It is possible to survive clerkship without a car if you are into biking and are selective about your hospital rankings. I'd expect to have on average one of your core rotations in an area outside of Hamilton. For some of them, if you are far away enough the school will provide housing and you just need to get to and back once. With that being said, it does add some degree of hastle. Theres always a few extracurriculars here and there all throughout med school that would be easier navigated if you had a car but if you are really into biking, its worth a shot.
  12. McMaster is cGPA - which means every single course is taking into account no grades dropped. This means it can be harder to recover from a bad start to first year for example.
  13. Edict

    Let's Discuss Finances

    No, completing medical school. You can keep your LOC for residency but your OSAP starts going into repayment at the end of medical school.
  14. You may not even wear a white coat during medical school at all. But, yeah people might rib you for it but it should be fine.
  15. Edict

    Let's Discuss Finances

    The federal part of the OSAP loan which is more than half starts accruing interest immediately after you graduate, the ontario part starts accruing interest 6 months after you graduate. All in all, it is generally better to pay off your OSAP with your LOC immediately after graduation although the benefit of doing so isn't really that great until the Ontario part starts charging interest. If you end up doing family medicine, you may qualify for a loan forgiveness program for doing some rural rotations or something like that.