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  1. People say a lot of things about Mac--some of which are true, partly true, or false. I am biased as a Mac student, but the reality is that look at our grads from decades past. Some of them have gone on to redefine medicine and are international authorities on their scope of practice. Harvard mirrored their program on ours so that says something. In addition, although we have a PBL approach, don't assume our clinical medical knowledge is lacking. We basically have 3 years of exposure to clinical medicine through PBL cases, 7 weeks pre-clerkship electives and then clerkship. In addition, our basic science is centered around what is relevant to clinical issues rather than random facts--everything else people are going to forget as you only learn that stuff once and it never comes back and isn't important. McMaster more than any other Canadian school has had more of an impact on medical education in the past 40 years. Also, other than probably UofT (which is debatable), our clinical research is the best in Canada. I know that means little for the actual education medical students get but it shows Mac knows what its doing.
  2. Email Wendy asking for proof of enrolment for LOC. I did it and they emailed me back with a letter proof of enrolment within the same day. It was very smooth and quick. And also some branches (probably the RBC in Hamilton that has the med student LOC advisor) that will go ahead and email Wendy for you so if you aren't in Hamilton, then you probably don't have this option unless you tell them to email Wendy for you. And for those above who said its not needed, its actually needed by some bank branches depending on the city. Even those branches that traditionally handle LOCs are now asking for proof of enrolment, which is fine for us Mac students since Mac provides it promptly. Its only UofT (I think) that doesn't provide this proof so they have to find a branch that doesn't have this requirement.
  3. Oh I think its specific to Scotiabank then. Doesn't make much of a difference either way.
  4. I can understand the existing student line of credit but its surprising to hear them making you close existing credit cards. It might be different with RBC, but I went with RBC and they allowed me to keep my existing credit card with another bank with a bigger limit than yours as well as get the RBC Infinite avion card. They kept it at $250k too so no change there. It might just come down to the individual branch or advisor.
  5. Well, its kind of true but its not like someone wanted something bad to them or anything. Its not about blaming because its not really in their control how the universe works but bad thoughts/feelings (even unrelated to the actual event that happened) did attract them. Its more about empowerment because according to this law, you have your hand (not total control) on everything in your life. Because the subconscious is the main issue here and because we are so removed from controlling our subconscious feelings and thoughts--things happen that seemingly are out of our control. BUT we can do things to positively affect our subconscious.
  6. Don't worry, the medical profession is full of incompetent physicians who would not have become doctors had they had to apply in this era. But then again, the profession is full of some of the greatest physicians ever who ALSO would have been rejected outright in this era. The MMI is a bad measure of who would be best fit for medical school but so is the traditional format, CASPer, and even the MCAT. Basically all these things are in place just to narrow down an applicant pool to a class size based on current demand for physicians. It doesn't take that much of a special individual to pursue medicine. The training will make you competent enough and as long as you can function as a normal human being and have shown the academic and social prowess to get through 4 years of university successfully (as you must have as you got in), you are set. Basically, as long as you are not evil, polite, have decent social skills, and are interested in medicine, I think you'll do well enough.
  7. I believe it completely. Now it's a lot more complicated than what you wrote because everyone has beliefs on a sub-conscious level (which are more powerful) but they can be changed. This is a very complicated universe and humans are a lot more powerful than they think they are. A lot of people tear it down because it doesn't make logical sense (did that starving child in Africa WANT to be starving) but again, if one actually takes the time to learn why bad things happen and why people are left wanting without getting it, it'd make perfect sense. It connects very well with a lot of what Eastern religions teach. If anyone wants actual info, PM me.
  8. Does anyone actually recommend RBC then or is it a consensus for Scotiabank?
  9. Does anyone feel restricted by Scotiabank's $200K limit and is there any wiggle room to get the extra $75K earlier? I feel I won't have a problem as its a lot of money (and I am going to a 3 year school) but I just wanted to get everyone's take on it.
  10. So I went in to speak to a specialist at RBC in downtown T.O. Offered me the standard stuff as anyone else has (as well as Avion Infinite card) and the full $250K but basically, because I am in a three year program (250K/3=83K), she said once I exceeded $83K in the first year (in the off chance that somehow I blow it all), I have to email her just to release the next $83K. So, I am "restricted" in that sense but she said it was simply a safeguard just so she is aware that I've spent over an unusually large amount in one year. Not a big deal as I won't even get close to $83K in any year but I was concerned as I thought RBC usually just offer $250K all at once. Is this familiar to anyone? Also, all they need for LOC release is an email from Mac (Wendy) confirming enrollment so maybe for UT, Leslie can just send an email for you guys (?). I am thinking about Scotia or TD too and I might meet with them in the next week.
  11. I am just shopping at this point but it's nice to know that RBC gives $250K up front and money shouldn't be as much of an issue during residency so I think it's better for Scotia to give $275K up front. The only reason they don't is because it affects the already minimal return they get from medical LOCs. The visa points is also great and it's fee has been waived by some during negotiations.
  12. Ok so I am confused. I thought you said hamilton branches of either bank could email Wendy to confirm enrollment? Or is it just Scotia's branch?
  13. That's great then. I guess I'll go to Hamilton branch of either bank if the downtown Toronto banks can't do the same.
  14. Hey Leon, are you referring to confirmation of acceptance or enrollment. How would one get it from another school? Is it just email?
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