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  1. Accepted IP 4.07 AGPA 11.25 MCAT Non-Rural I accepted the offer 3rd time applying
  2. Hey Guys, I am currently apart of an MMI practice groups that meets alternating wednesdays and thursdays at 5PM in the basement of the Apotex building at the bannatyne campus. We currently have about 12 members and anyone else who would like to join the group is welcome. PM your contact info and we will add you to the group email. Good luck.
  3. Hey thekingslayer I sent you a PM with a few questions regarding your situation
  4. Will do. So thekingslayer, did you make an appeal when you were rejected for professionalism concerns? What happened with this or what was your reasoning if you did not appeal? Thanks
  5. Thank you all for your input. I do not have social media so this would not be the cause. I had met with the dean of admissions as well as his admissions administrator whom I had been corresponding with via email at the beginning of the application process. I was polite but also did not have much to say because I was a little stunned or confused when he said my email correspondence with the university was a deciding factor. I was trying to think where I could have came off as agressive or unprofessional but could not think of a cause on the spot. They would not go into specifics with me and were fairly vague. After our meeting I looked back on my emails and seen one I had sent that may be interpreted as maybe a little bit pushy for information regarding how to fill out one section of the aplpication. I had sent this email on the last day of the application deadline asking for a reply to a previous email I had sent several days earlier for which I had not received a response.
  6. I received a rejection notification from the U of M with this in the statement "I wish to advise you that your application was referred to the Faculty sub-committee regarding professional attributesidentified in the application process. The Admissions Committee considered the sub-committee's recommendationswhen deliberating on your application." After meeting with the dean of admissions, I was informed that I would have been offered admission, however the sub committee decided that there was sufficient concern regarding my professionalism. He said that it is a combination of my correspondence with the university together and/or letter of recommendation that was the cause. My Letters of reference were from people whom I've known for a long time and would have had nothing ill to say about me. When I asked what they meant by correspondence, I was told that some of my e-mails to the university had an aggressive tone to them. I'm really confused because I am not sure where they could have gotten this impression. I will be filing an appeal, and am wondering if anyone else has gone through this process, and what their result was. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. I'm in the process of writing my personal statement and i'm looking for advice on how much of the EC stuff (volunteering, research etc.) to include on the PS. I suspect it would not be good to say the same things twice in your PS as in EC? Much appreciated.
  8. My GPA is similar ~3.4, does anyone know if most schools do a preliminary screen to eliminate low GPA's?
  9. Louisiana state emailed me back saying they accept canadians, but on MSAR it says they only received 55 international applicants , and didn't interview any. Anyone know what the status is on this school?
  10. Thank you for the advice. Just wondering if anyone on here has been accepted anywehere in U.S. with similar stats, and if so, which schools? Also, is there a list somewhere on this forum that lists the low-mid tier schools accepting canadians? I know there is a canadian friendly list stickied on this forum but I assume this includes top tier as well.
  11. I have read that if you are going to apply to American schools, you have the best chance if you apply early. When i'm contacting my references for LOR's, what date should I ask them to send them in by in order to have my application processed earliest? Just wondering how the LOR's factor into this because i know you don't need them in order to send in the primary, so is it only important to have the LoR in by the time of sending i the secondary? Any advice will be appreciated.
  12. I am looking into applying to some american schools this june, and am wondering which schools I may have a shot at. My cGPA is 3.42 and sGPA is 3.37 using the premed.me calculator. I dug myself into a hole my first year and a half, but since then ( my last 3.5 years) I have gotten all A's and A+. My MCAT score is 34O (12ps 9vr 13bs). I have pretty good EC's lots of research experience, but only a few abstracts published. Thank you
  13. If I receive an offer from my preferred school (U of M) than I would be able to save myself time and money by not taking the two english courses, as they do not require them.
  14. So it would be possible to get an offer of admission before actually taking the courses? For example, receive an offer in winter and then take the courses in the summer. I have already completed my B.Sc. so these courses would be extra.
  15. Do you need the credits at the time of application, or at the time of matriculation?
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