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  1. I think it just needs to be completed before you start school.
  2. jock2doc

    OOP: 85%, 30 MCAT

    Yes. Those numbers are competitive at pretty much every school. It will depend on the rest of your application/interview though in terms of getting accepted.
  3. Look through the list. If there is a particular subject that you just KNOW you are going to enjoy, and want to go more in depth on, buy it. If not, they are not all that useful. Profs test directly from their notes.
  4. As far as I remember, they aren't overly picky about the english requirement. You just have to have something. (709)777-6615 is the number.
  5. This is an interesting debate. IMO, there are ways to help yourself stand out during pre-clerkship. Although schedules are quite busy, many students try to engage in some sort of research project in their desired field. I think introducing another standardized exam would shift their energies from projects to the exam, and be a detriment to learning more about their speciality of interest.
  6. I have debated asking this but I'd almost rather not know. Seems like there aren't many hiring these days.
  7. jock2doc

    Interview weekend plans

    Last year some of the interviewees did attend. I didn't but will obviously have to this year. I guess it's supposed to be a lot of fun. You should come out.
  8. jock2doc

    MMI Prep

    Try and get your hands on a copy of Doing Right by Phil Hebert. Boring, but would be good prep. Also it's the first year ethics textbook.
  9. jock2doc

    Number OOP Interviewed

    Last year from NB they interviewed 30 for 10 spots. They likely won't interview more than 4/seat. I don't know the exact number though.
  10. jock2doc

    Number IP Interviewed

    Last year I believe they interviewed about 3 candidates per seat. At least those were the numbers I heard coming out of NB. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. jock2doc

    EC Help

    OP: I would say no the order does not matter. I would also separate the different organizations you performed with based on when you were with them. S76: I would go with complete sentences all the time. Not sure if this helps you in time for the app but I figured I would answer regardless.
  12. I would list them under EC's. Regardless, each reviewer will see your entire application so no matter where you put them they will be seen.
  13. I believe so. It's been awhile since I have seen the app.
  14. jock2doc

    Physician Shortage vs. Surplus

    Have you read Kahnman? Thinking Fast and Slow was an awesome read on exactly that subject.