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  1. Anybody know how important colour vision is in the various fields of medicine, especially Ophthalmology? Thank so much! Futuredoc
  2. Anybody know about the job prospects, the process and if additional training must be done to meet the requirements of the states? Any input would be very appreciated. Futuredoc
  3. Fellow Colleagues, After some sincere consideration, I've come to realize that cardiology and ophthalmology seem to be most suitable for me. Does anybody have any specific information about these specialties that can help inform my finalized decision before I gun for either specialty? Anything about lifestyle, job satisfaction, job prospects, etc. I'd really appreciate your input. PS, if this post is more suitable elsewhere, please let me know! Futuredoc
  4. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know people who have successfully matched to ophtho and are willing to share the kinds of things that made them competitive? I am starting med school this Fall and want to be as prepared as possible. Any advice/guidance would be very much appreciated. Futuredoc
  5. Does anyone have any insight about matching to cardio after IM, doing cardio fellowships and whether or not it's possible to find a job after training? Any input would be very helpful!
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone know if there are opportunities for undergraduate medical students to spend a summer doing research at US universities like Harvard or Johns Hopkins? Any insight on this matter would be very helpful! Futuredoc
  7. Anyone have any idea how competitive it is to specialize in cardiology in Ontario after completing and IM residency? Are there very limited positions offered every year? Futuredoc
  8. I'm having a difficult decision choosing between the 4 sites. I'm definitely most interested in the Vancouver site, but in case that doesn't work out (given that I am offered admission), I am trying to decide how to rank the other sites. Does anyone have any insight about the other 3 site with regards to research opportunities, if there is a balanced focus between family practise and other specialties, and potential to match to competitive residencies down the road. So far there seems to be a large focus on small community practise at these sites. I do admire the opportunity for high quality patient contact and a very supportive faculty, but I don't want to feel limited in the types of specialties I am exposed to. I'd appreciate anyone's input. Thanks! Futuredoc6666
  9. Anyone have any insights about this specialty regarding competitiveness, lifestyle, earnings, etc? How can one become a good candidate for this field. Thanks in advance!!
  10. I'm sure many of you have met surgeons throughout your medical training. How busy are their lives? Are they able to balance their family life and work life if they wanted to? I heard they get a few days off every week? Any insight?
  11. I was wondering a few things about the surgery residencies in general: 1)How competitive is it to match without a Masters or a PhD. 2)Can one do both research and work as a surgeon without obtaining a PhD? 3)Are the job markets saturated now? And will it be say in 10 years? 4)Is the life of a surgeon really as bad as people make it sound? Anyone with any insight on these questions?
  12. Has anyone tried out this free online course? How good was it? Can I rely on this course to prepare for the foundations of the MCAT?
  13. Hey I was wondering if anyone has taken a course by either kaplan or PR for just verbal alone. Were they helpful? The cost for these courses are very expensive and I was wondering if anyone had their videos downloaded and wouldn't mind sharing. In terms of Physics, Orgo and Bio, what are the best resources? Thanks guys.
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