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  1. Called them today. They said invites went out on the 2nd from the PD. Carms hasn't been updated because the coordinator hasn't received the list from the PD.
  2. Checked there...unfortunately, nothing. I just sent an email so hopefully the guy gets back to me regarding information to login/check statuses
  3. Mine is also blank for Westen and Saskatchewan. Quick question: is the CaRMSNET login only given to individuals who have secured an interview or to ALL candidates?
  4. So how do we access it?? I never received any info or a link
  5. This is exactly my confusion as well. I applied to programs but never received a CaRMSNET login or any information pertaining on how to get a login. Any info??
  6. This is going to sound very stupid but what is CaRMSNET and how do you login??
  7. Haven't seen any update via CaRMS interview offer status let alone a yay/nay email as of yet. Anyone else?
  8. I would also like an update. According to Carms, it says that they would be releasing in the first 2 weeks of January.
  9. Anybody know if Manitoba FM is inviting people specifically to a stream or collectively for an interview? I know in past iterations that they've invited applicants for all 3 at once....not sure if it's different this year?
  10. Have IM invites gone out?? I was under the impression that they aren't out until January?
  11. I am also in this situation (for USask). I'm curious about this as well.
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