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  1. Anyone receive any positive luck in being recruited to this? Any feedback?
  2. I'm curious how the MOTP surge works. Are applicants interested in the MOTP program only able to apply to the listed sites or are additional spots created through subsidization? I noticed McGill wasn't listed as an MOTP site despite the CAF listing it as a participating school.
  3. To be direct and answer the question, short answer is yes. I'm sure its already been laid out about the potential difficulties. I have a close and personal friend who not only matched to General Surgery but then subsequently switched after one year to Anesthesiology. After 6 months of Anesthesiology, he switched again to PM&R. If I've learned anything, it's "never say never."
  4. 11 days to go...Best of luck to all of us!
  5. I think writing thank you notes is always a good idea. I don't think you necessarily have to reiterate your strong interest (which, i do agree is kind of cheesy), but adding something original or simply stating why you liked them in an indirect sort of way is always helpful. My thought process always is that even if they don't reply back, it just shows your tenacity and ambition. Hopefully, the receiving party (i.e., programs) value that and not simply your EE/NAC/QE1 score only.
  6. Any info on FM and Western? Or are people purposefully just being silent about this?
  7. In talking with a lot of residents, many believe that this is one of the worst ways to select residents (i.e., using board scores). Though it makes sense why it is used, I've heard many say that they'd rather have a down-to-earth colleague (who can learn just as well on the course of residency) than have an egotistical, non-humble physician with a high board score and work beside this individual (not to say that all those who score high are)....but it's a tricky situation. I can't imagine anyone getting past this unless you have some sort of social "in" with the faculty, program directors, etc.
  8. Nothing from Memorial, Dal, or Western so far (IMG here).
  9. Nothing so far. Hoping for some good news today, hopefully.
  10. I see that someone posted yesterday for Regina at USask. I think that they are a CMG. Any IMGs receive any update?
  11. First and foremost: Congrats on matching! This may also be an excellent example that for many programs: the panel has ALREADY made up their mind on who they want in their program before the interview has even been conducted (with the interview now being a mere formality). This is something that I've not only come out of interviews feeling but this was also later confirmed by many residents of different programs whom I spoke with about this "culture," which I dub "The Politics of Medicine."
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