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  1. Yes? I saw many good stories from St. George...not sure how true they are.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum (even though I joined years ago). I came to Canada (Montréal, Québec) 7 years ago after high school and I have always wanted to become a doctor. It has not been easy at ALL. Where I come from you go straight from High School to med school. Seeing my friends move on with their careers and comparing myself having to go through so many hurdles has definitely distanced me from Medicine. I am graduating from my undergrad (after completing Cégep, of course) and I had already made up my mind that I was not going to pursue medicine since I needed my life to start already (steady job, move out of my house, start making plans, etc). After applying to many jobs in everything, I found myself very depressed and in some kind of "quarter life crisis". No Masters or certificate would fulfill me and give me stability as much as I knew medicine would. After much contemplation, I decided I am going to prepare the MCAT this summer and apply during this application cycle. My mom has been VERY supportive and even though we are not a high-income family has agreed to help me in any way (financially, morally, mentally, etc). Since I am giving it all I have, I am planning to apply everywhere in Canada (where I can pre-req wise), including french schools and even in one or two of the accredited schools in the Caribbean. I know everything will be expensive, but that's what loans are for *nervous laugh*. I am thinking of expending every resource I have in this process. I am even thinking of getting a coach to help me frame my application to highlight non-academic achievements since my GPA is not very high. Anyways, if you feel like helping me, giving me some advice, reflect with me, or just say anything here is my LIFE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACADEMIC College: Finished with R-Score of 29 in Natural Sciences (for those familiar with the Cégep system; not excellent) University: Finished with cGPA of 3.68/4.3 in Honours Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience) with a minor in Multidisciplinary studies in Sciences & went on exchange to Europe for one semester 1st year: 3.83 (Dean's list) 2nd year: 3.32 (going through personal/family difficulties) 3rd year: 3.60 (just for one semester as the exchange semester grades, which were very good, do not count) 4th year: Around >4.00 (final term GPA had not been posted yet; Im sure will be in Dean's list) I completed my first two Uni years with 5 courses each semester (FULL load). Third year 5 courses 1st semester, 4 courses during my exchange (2nd semester). Fourth year, equivalent of 4 courses each semester (in credits but not in actual courses as the thesis and other projects had more credits assigned). I was always considered full-time. EXTRACURRICULARS During/right after High School: -Low-income summer camp animator in Latin American country rural areas for 2 consecutive years. -Volunteered at local Latin American country hospital for 6 months (talking to patients and filing lab paperwork). Right before/during Cégep (College): -Volunteered for more than 6 months at local Montreal hospital (reading to long-term patients and caring for emergency room patients). -Went to Lima, Peru for a whole summer to volunteer in an NGO project aiming to develop local economy. -English and Spanish volunteer college tutor (received certification, and awards) University: -Volunteered at a University Centre for students with disabilities for one year. -President of student association for one year (achieved many good things for association) RESEARCH -Volunteered for a year in Drug Addiction lab (animal models). - Conducted and wrote independent research project as part of minor: Asthma medication related- research conducted in hospital (Grade: A) -Conducted and wrote independent research project as part of minor: Protein purification - European biochemistry research lab (Grade A+, awesome comments from Prof) - Conducted study and wrote Honours Thesis in Neuroscience (Grade A+, awesome comments from Supervisor and Thesis professor) -Currently volunteering in follow-up to my thesis, will be a published (4th) author by the end of project (probably next year). WORK University tutor to students with disabilities Other non-relevant jobs (I think): Waitress, Brand Ambassador, Brand Ambassador Team lead (always worked part-time in Uni) Recommendation letters: I am sure I could get strong recommendations letters that attest to the committed, resourceful and persistent student I have been said to be. MCAT, CASPer: Will take prepare for them and take them this Summer/Fall. I will only work/volunteer a few hours a week so I am committed to achieving high scores. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry for the long read. I am actually considering a coach, so if any of you can help me with some useful comments, I would appreciate it.
  3. But what I want to know is if it's true that it is really hard to bring up your R-score after your first semester and if me being Dominican and not doing my high school here really affects my results.
  4. Yes I'm a permanent resident. Yeah, of course, if I don't get in I will do a bachelor first. But I just want to know what my possibilities are at this point.
  5. Hello, I'm studying science at an english Cégep in Montréal. I'm Dominican, I came to live here a year and a half ago, so I didn't do my high school here. I had to do some pre-requisites before going into cégep. So I'm 19 and this is my second semester. I got my R-score and it was 29.228, pretty low. I almost failed calculus I (62), because our teacher got sick and the sub came in super late and we lost a lot of time, and at the end we had to learn everything super fast. So no matter how hard I tried I didn't understand anything. So my R-score in cal was 23, that brought my global CRC down because in everything else I'm doing quite well (not so much in physics, 75). Everybody tells me after the first semester it is super hard to improve your R-score and because I didn't do my high school here it's even harder because they don't have any reference. This semester I have better teachers. I think I'm more adapted and it's easier for me now. So, I think I will do a LOT better than last semester. So what are my chances of improving my R-score? and if I do, what are my chances of getting into pre-med (Mcgill)?. Thank you so much! Ps. I do a lot of volunteering too. I volunteered in a hospital last year, in an NGO as well. I am also doing an internship with an NGO abroad (Peru), for the whole summer. Back in the Dominican Republic I went on a mission and did a LOT of volunteering. I'm also French so Dominican-french. That meaning that I'm trilingual. I'm trying to give you a little bit of background so you can give me some good advice.
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