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  1. There was an accidental fire at one of the McGill Med buildings. Not intending to cause any "panic" (I've committed to McGill at this point, but don't know much being out of town), but can you shed some light, from the point of view of an upper year McGill student who is at (or knows lots of people already at) McGill/Montreal, what is going on, and what everyone fears/speculates may be affected? I say it's speculation because any opinions here are "unofficial". That being said, "official" statements have been limited. Thanks
  2. I figured you'd have to get approved for the 2nd one, and while you hold both LOCs, you pay off the first one, no? But after you pay off the first one, you're totally holding 2 LOCs at the same time, both of which you have qualified for. This could actually mean we can get two...but using 600k of loan is not a good idea is all. I've never worked at a bank, just totally wondering here lol
  3. Is there anything stopping anyone from getting the 2nd LOC, paying off the first LOC with the second LOC, but not closing the account? Whats' the difference between holding two LOCs and only using one, and paying off one LOC and then closing the one that you won't use?
  4. Hey, I totally know what you're saying, and I know why you asked me - because I asked months ago. I've asked 2 different people at admissions and explained in detail. I sent in the official transcript after I accepted back in March and again after the semester ended. It's just the way it is, no 'revoking' of your offer at this point. Even now, the 3rd category isn't 'filled'. MONTHS later. They said if they need another update, they'll ask. congrats on getting off the waitlist.
  5. Can a Scotia advisor confirm whether or not we will get the points bonus on our credit card (e.g. if we spend $1k in 3 months or whatever case it is)
  6. Would you say there are additional incentives coming in said another couple of months after everything is approved/completed?
  7. What's the most convenient/cheapest/fastest way to get my immunizations? I'm a Quebec resident (and have a RAMQ card). I no longer have a family doctor and have legit not gone to any doctor in 10 years (I know, ironic). (edit: "medical" doctor - I've gone to the dentist for cleanings) I considered making an appointment with the McGill Student Health Services but they are week to week for setting up appointments, and are full this week (I've only tried a week). This would involve me driving into MTL which isn't that bad. I looked at some private practices, which were confusing to me - may or may not be covered by RAMQ, and the "consultation" to fill out the immunization forms by the nurse are $125...
  8. Almost 3 weeks since the acquisition of MDFinancial by Scotia. Scotiabank advisors: I can see that the bank has yet to make an official announcement and I get that not too much detail can be released here prior to that. Would you be able to provide any colour on whether or not it is worth waiting for the announcement before signing up, particularly if we are not in a rush to get LoC funds?
  9. ScotiabankMedsAdvisor / Rod, would you be able to comment on what Coronaxtra's saying?
  10. One of the things I'm interested in increased max limit. There may be more but don't quote me on that. I believe they're still hashing it out with the acquisition of MDFinancial. I was also told that concrete details will be available in 1-2 weeks so I'm going to be patient...
  11. Unofficial, but from a reputable source. Increased credit limit. Official word to be out as early as a week or two. Word is current signers can raise it too but fine print is yet to be released
  12. Two hours ago, Scotiabank has just purchased MD Financial from CMA - you guys can google it. This is a huge game changer. Shortly after this occurred, I talked to Rod McFadden (see his posts on page 46 of this thread) on the phone about the implications of this and some of the potential improvements to the Scotiabank offer that is to come shortly. He's extremely knowledgeable, and I am going to do my LOC with him.
  13. With a Canadian medical school acceptance, what other factors go into being able to get a loc and is limit? Credit rating? Current debt? Other assets? Etc Thanks
  14. Hi I've heard of cases where schools have allowed medical students to take a break half way through their degree to pursue research for 1-2 years. Can anyone share any experiences about this / or know of any cases where they know other peers in the class have done this? Obviously it would entail a PI that has accepted you and you have secured funding whether from the lab or externally...Also, a case would be made as to the individual's career aspirations etc. Posting here because the Research thread is generally a lot of undergrad research pre-medschool or grad students who havent yet gone to med
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