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    Fresh fry got a reaction from LeBronto2019 in med school cliquish?   
    Hugely clickish
    There are:
    The Gyne-Girls (also includes other surgical or competitive specialties)
    The Jocks (emerge FTW)
    The Bro's (surgeons in waiting)
    Gunners row (plastics or optho)
    The Great Wall (armed with tupperware container full of foul smelling rice)
    Calcutta Connection (rads)
    Salt Lake Syndicate (you don't have to be a mormon, but it helps)
    The Old People/Council of Elders (they have old man balls)
    Spare Parts (just here for the education)
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    Fresh fry got a reaction from _ _ in Untrained And Unemployed: Medical Schools Churning Out Doctors Who Can't Find Residencies And Full Time Positions   
    I think every med student should have a guaranteed family position at their home school if they want it. If the school accepted them and "screened" them for undergrad than they should back up their selection criteria by creating the spots if necessary.
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