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  1. For those with high NAQs, could you please share with us more details about your ECs? It would a huge help for those of us who have received very low NAQ scores and feel confused. Thank you in advance. I think there are specific activities they look for. My application consisted mainly of research activities, which is why I am interested in an MD/PhD program. Would this be something UBC does not value very much? It seems like it from what I can tell from the posts on the forum so far... It is also possible that the way descriptions were formatted and worded had a large impact. Is there a specific way any of you descried your activities? I gave a few points about the tasks and a few points about the impact of the activity (when feasible).
  2. ishaquea, I'm on the same boat... MD/PhD applicant from OOP Time Stamp: 5:42 Result: Reject aGPA: 87.68 MCAT: 31 (11/10/10) ECs: I have done so much research, volunteered at various places (hospitals, summer camps, university mentorship...), received several large awards from my university (ranging from $700 to $6000). I really thought I had a good range of activities listed (filled all of the given slots with meaningful activities) Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Year: BSc, last year of studies Geography: OOP (MD/PhD) AQ: 28.65 NAQ: 22.83 TFR: 51.48 I am very very confused about my NAQ score... I consider my extracurriculars to be the strongest part of my application and I ended up with a 22, which is way below the average accepted NAQ. This is so disappointing. I am scared for the rest of my IP applications Who are you going to contact for an appeal? I think we have been rejected by the MD committee. They are the ones that review all MD and MD/PhD applications and only those that are successful in the MD application are then reviewed for the PhD portion.
  3. In the cvpn form, should we include verifiers for the abstracts and publications? if so, what should be included in the organization/institution part of the table?
  4. I am also a student at Western University. How did you convert your transcript course credit weight? The guide suggests the following: Enter the credit value or weight of the course, as per the transcript. This field is used in calculations and, therefore, should only contain a number. • Example: 3.0, 6.0, 2.66 etc. I am not sure how a course would have a weight of 2.66. I have taking mainly full year (1.0) and half year credits (0.5). In addition I have a thesis credit that is worth 1.5 credits. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Rejected OOP GPA: 4.0 (Dal Scale) MCAT: 31 Maritime Connection: none but had visited a few times Time Stamp: 10:22 Dal wasn't one of my top choices but this definitely stings.
  6. Thank you so much. I have been having nightmares because of this!
  7. I just reviewed mine and I have missed quite a few of the apostrophes in my essays. How much of an impact is this going to have? Will I get flagged? I want to cryyyyy
  8. same thing happened to me. I double checked and now I just found one that I missed. I wanna cry :'(
  9. I can't stop reading over my application even after submission!!!! make it stop.....
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