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  1. There's a section on the CPSO application where you'd be required to mention that. That said, it's not grounds to deny an application if you're honest and upfront about it.
  2. There's too many variables to give you an accurate answer. Are you asking for personal interest?
  3. If you still check this account, and need anonymous help/advise, please PM me.
  4. It is program specific. You'll need to get permission from your PD to moonlight. Some PDs feel that if you have time to moonlight that you aren't studying hard enough... this mentality will vary on your program/PD.
  5. This is true. The stigma is big with any College. To be honest, the stigma is still there with other health care workers and the general public. The PHP is adamant about confidentiality and will advocate on your behalf. If anyone reads this in the future and has questions/concerns shoot me a PM.
  6. How did he question "her as if she was incompetent of analyzing her own body"? Can you elaborate?
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before. I am Canadian and in a Canadian surgical residency program. Is the USMLE mandatory for doing a fellowship or for working in the U.S. after Canadian residency training? Will any states let you work with just Canadian Royal College exams without completing USMLE? I should've looked into this much earlier with the Canadian ortho job market...whoops.
  8. You can see a psych and be honest about what your concerns are. As you know, the psych only will break your confidentiality if you're a harm to yourself, others, or children are involved. When you do your college application, it's ultimately up to you to answer the college applications honestly. However, the college isn't going to have access to your personal health record. Edit - if you feel you need to talk to someone then do it. If you do decide to disclose a mental health diagnosis to the college, as long as it's properly managed, it won't hinder your ability to get/renew a license.
  9. Contact the Physician Health Program and they can point you in the right direction. http://php.oma.org/contactUs.html
  10. It's best to just contact the bank who holds your LOC and ask them. They may ask for a budget.
  11. Oh, I am all about crushing Big Macs. Crush away!
  12. - Prepare and bring healthy meals to work - Plan out your meals during the week. Often, after a long day instead of going home to eat some people will feel they earned a trip to a fast food joint. It'll seem like a great idea when you're tired and hungry. It doesn't seem like a great idea once you've crushed that Big Mac. - Take the stairs - Walk/Bike to work - Try going to the gym before or after work. Some people feel before it better because you have more energy. I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed earlier than required - Say no to some of the junk food the nurses have on the floors. This is especially important during overnight shifts when candy, chips, pizza, etc is at the nursing station - Use an app called 'My Fitness Pal' to monitor your caloric intake
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