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  1. Yay! They'll accept it. Thank you, kind souls of the internet, for helping me. I was ... experiencing some things..... over here, and now I will nap contently.
  2. You can maybe still submit documents. In that case, I'd do that immediately for the BC service card. You could have paid the fee in the 10 mins left after submission; you can't pay until after submission anyways! Is there a reason you didn't send it before the deadline? If there's a reason, you might be able to talk to them.
  3. Ooh, I read "WOULD" become ineligible. Probably because I was panicking. I hope they decide to let it go through anyways.... I've been waiting 4 years to be ready to apply!
  4. Ok, I messaged them. I was pretty honest about what happened. I said something along the lines of this -- I'm a mature student with family responsibilities, and I needed the time to 15-20 mins before the submission to check it. Since I had two ways of paying, and since these ways have been working without issue, I figured that this assessment of time was what was needed. Called the bank, and confirmed that the cards were fine. And, I noticed the payment was posted (by an interac transfer I didn't think worked) at 12:28. I asked them that I hope they'd consider my application anyways, said I hoped that I didn't have 7 payments on my card, and that I hoped they have an okay afternoon dealing with the amount of emails I imagined they were receiving. :S I hope they'll still look at it!
  5. Thanks! I'm going to do that now. Yeah, I confirmed, all the cards should have worked.... I left 15 mins at the end, and - while not "one day to be safe" reasonable - I don't think that's horribly unreasonable (notably, when I have two different ways to pay that should work, and haven't had credit card issues like that ever).
  6. i also hope my card, and my partner's card, do not have 14 charges on them.
  7. Oh my gosh, it just shows up as having gone through at 12:28?!! What?! AHHHHHHH. I hope they still take it..... :S
  8. Hey guys, I've been working really hard on this application, and I was putting final touches on it until the last 15 mins... ....I tried to pay with my card, and it got declined 3 times. I tried to pay with my partner's card, and it was also declined 3 times. And, we're sure her card should have worked. She just sorted out an interac payment, but it was too late. the applications closed. I take accountability when I mess up, but I don't think this is really my fault. I had 2 working visa cards, and it wouldn't take either one. Help? Sam
  9. Hey everyone! I'm feeling really isolated, and overwhelmed, on this journey. I have a master's degree in Ed Psych, but I am applying to UBC, McMaster and U of T (some coursework pending). I'm 27, located in Vancouver, and looking to connect with some other people on this journey. This is partly to work on fighting the isolation, and to connect with some other people to share resources/experiences/struggles/ect. Also, a TedTalk on getting where you want suggested that connecting with other people on the same path/who are where you want to be is effective. This might not be true, but I'm hoping this could be a way to make some new friends! I've made a facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/217560851937893/). I'm hoping we will have enough people to have monthly meetings, or something! It would also be really cool to arrange tutoring exchanges. For example, I'd be down to help people out with CARS, Sociology, Psychology, and (soon) biology (still reviewing, but almost done). I'm also a professional tutor. But, even the foundations of chemistry remain a mystery to me.
  10. I have a learning disability AND a medical condition that affects the agility of my fingers (google Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome if you're interested in weird diseases). I also have arthritis in a few of my fingers. (I'm also cleared by my doctor to apply to medical school:)). But, I type 120 wpm. I practiced every day, for a half hour every, when I was a kid (since I knew I needed a good alternative to handwriting). I made it my goal to type fast, and I reached it.. I also learned this skill at about 1/3rd the rate of other people. If typing speed is your only problem you think you have, I think you should work on it; it's going to be easy for you to fix, and ... and, I feel like it's not something you guys need to whine about. I'm not saying you should have gratitude for not being disabled (which is pointless); instead, just do ~1/3rd of the work that I did (unless you have a problem like me), and you'll probably type faster than I can. If things have always come easily for you, and this is an annoying/tedious task (or, a difficult one), try to see it as just one more step in the process. I did it. You (probably) can, too. If there is a reason you cannot (beyond "I currently cannot/don't have time" - like, if you're missing a finger), contact them. Alternatively, work on being concise. If you don't write a lot, get a tutor, take a history minor, write for fun...whatever. But, before doing any of this, perhaps wait to see if you got an interview? It's pointless to freak out about it right now. Maybe, you have nothing to worry about.
  11. Yeah, I found the graph pretty useless. I scored high, for instance, on resilience, but really low on something else related to tenacity..... I would have loved to be told which answers were terrible! This would have been more useful than a star-graph. Plus, using the star-graph to refine answers would not have helped AT ALL in the actual CASPer.... I mean, maybe I need to show (for example) more examples of professionalism...but, my life experiences are still what they are, and - short of something awful happening in the time between the sim and the actual CASPer - I cannot change them quite so quickly!!! However, if I needed to change how I expressed something, I would have liked to know what, exactly, I messed up on. Oh well. However, I agree that the actual set-up of the test was good. It made me feel more comfortable with the actual CASPer. I also was happy to learn where I was at. I used another prep company at first, but I thought this one had the best practice tests.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to all of you. I wrote the 10 pm section without any issues. However, if I had known about this, I would been really anxious, and that would have affected how well I answered the questions; I hope they consider the fact that all of the anxiety/stress may have affected answers, and either slightly inflate the scores or let you guys re-write. I agree that 12 sections is probably a better sample than 6. I run/score psychometric testing (which is also trying to get a well-rounded view of someone's skills), and there is a reason for the existing number of questions to be administered. For instance, if you get a passage to read that you really hate, and therefore get a lower score on it, you might underestimate their reading ability if you stopped there...while the other passages can balance the score out. I suspect the same is true of the CASPer (at least, to some degree). I'm sure we all felt that some of the questions were easier to answer than others based on our life experience/knowledge/interest/ect., and the more questions you have, the easier it is to recover from a bad answer. But, there may be some way to control for the tech issue; for instance, if they calculate percentiles, they could calculate the percentiles for the people who had the tech difficulties in a separate group than people who did not have difficulties. This - or, something like it - could generate (at least, to some extent) fair and meaningful data, and they could perhaps compare applicants more fairly. Anyway, I hope they tell you the outcome soon, and that you guys get the option re-write it. If they don't, I hope they can re-assure you that you have an equal chance to gain admission as people who were able to write 12 answers.
  13. I got ~70th percentile (I paid for the full test, and rush scoring... I wanted to know if I should plan for a maybe-interview, or failure). I found the star-line-rating to be pretty vague, and exploring the low-rated-topics more didn't really help me on the test. I don't think there's much one can do aside from work on timing, typing speed, and articulation. I was happy to know where I stood. I hope I did a tiny bit better on the CASPer than I did on the SIM, but I'm not going to worry too much about it. If I messed up this year, I can always apply again next year.
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