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  1. what makes you say that? It doesnt look like theres many unfilled positions aside from the very undesirable locations (or return of service residency programs)
  2. I'm in 2nd year medicine right now, and starting to panic as I haven't really done any meaningful volunteering since entering medicine. I've joined multiple interest groups and did full-time research this summer, but my volunteering is minimal right now.. theres just no time anymore.. I plan on applying to internal medicine. How important is volunteering for my CaRMS app?
  3. Is a regular publication better than a brief report, in terms of applying for residency? My supervisor wants me to write a brief report, but I feel like I have enough info for a full publication, so why would I want to do that? Is there any advantage to it? Thanks!
  4. I would be interested in some sort of comparison on different residencies in terms of hours per week, call time, etc. Anyone know of something like this that exists?
  5. Life_Sci_Guy


    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/24/nyregion/craig-spencer-is-tested-for-ebola-virus-at-bellevue-hospital-in-new-york-city.html Doctors Without Borders physician comes back from West Africa and tests positive with ebola...
  6. I'm new to the whole backpack thing and just wondering: 1) Are these backpacks free for us to use? 2) Do we get them on the first day of school? Or are they sent to us etc. 3) I assume its not an absolute MUST to wear the backpack, right?
  7. I don't understand their blog post. They said that the class is "currently full" , yet they will "likely make a few more offers" before school begins. And if they have a full class, what do they mean by "look at the waitlist" or shortening the waitlist, wouldnt they just get rid of the waitlist altogether?
  8. I believe this is what you are looking for: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/post-acceptance-conditions/ But yea, no GPA requirements there
  9. I don't think this rule exists. Also, if you've gotten a 3.9 for 3 years of undergrad, then you get a 3.7 in your acceptance year (which can be the result of one bad class), then I don't think they would take away your offer.. just doesnt make sense
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong with disclosing it, but you never know. I don't see the advantage of even bringing it up. You can just say you're a mother and leave it at that.
  11. These are my thoughts exactly. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything when I made this post. Inevitably, I will leave my family/friends to go somewhere since there is no medical school anywhere close to my hometown (even if there was, I could never guarantee I'd get acceptance there); no IMG status as a US grad and can apply to Canadian residencies which will also probably be not at home.
  12. So you're saying the issue is networking with Canadian health professionals? Aware me on the importance of this. I figured I would always just start my own clinic like most pediatricians do (i guess this is dependent on the residency though).
  13. So how about premeds without wives/kids haha.. like the person above said, those are definite outliers. The only issue seems to be the money issue, which as I stated was not a problem. If that is the only issue, then it seems like a good option. You have to consider the strain/agony of going through the Canadian cycle all over again too, and how would you use that 1 additional year? I have all my pre-reqs and a good GPA, so I would do nothing in that year. I don't want to waste a year of my life doing research lol.. better things for my time than that. Edit: nevermind the fact that being competitive for a Canadian school doesn't mean you will get in. You could be applying 2-3 additional years!
  14. Since US grads are considered equivalent as Canadian grads for residency matching, I cannot see any other downfalls. If you were accepted into a US medical school, and money is no issue, would you go attend instead of wasting more years applying to Canada? Please give reasons why.
  15. OP, I think you are overemphasizing the value this new position will have on your app. I doubt it will barely affect your chances at all, considierng you already have a good position with this organization. Just get good grades, since that will actually affect you.
  16. By "way worse reasons" are you talking about GPA reasons?
  17. Thanks. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd though? That a 3.86 applicant would get rejected for getting a 3.83 in their last year. It should be based on a percentage based on how your grades currently are
  18. Hey all, Had a question about the GPA I need to maintain in my last (4th) year, should I get accepted to Ottawa this cycle. I am currently in 4th year. If I understand the website correctly, I must maintain a wGPA equal to 3.85 (the wGPA cutoff for non-Ottawa Ontario students), which includes my 4th year (x3), 3rd year (x2), and 2nd year (x1). This doesnt make sense to me though, since what if someone is applying with a wGPA of 3.86~ (years 1-3) and they end up finishing 4th year with a 3.83~. This would mean they do not achieve the wGPA requirement (using year 2-4), even though they received the same GPA essentially. Maybe someone here has experience with this/has heard about this? Is this indeed the cutoff, and is it a HARD cutoff?
  19. Does anyone know how many OOP are invited and accepted? Or how much the waitlist moves? I see stats from the class of 2016 but I heard it changed recently?
  20. Can you guys please post your stats so future applicants can know what to expect Would be much appreciated
  21. Are you an early admssion applicant or regular deadline applicant?
  22. To be honest, i think everyone did this.. I mean, who actually knew that would happen when you submitted? I don't think there was any way of knowing. Therefore, I wouldnt worry about it
  23. Alright. Do you remember how many days it was for you?
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