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  1. Wow such a wealth of information! Thanks for all the advice! I am going to postpone the MCAT until next summer. I think the science courses will be very helpful with helping me prepare for the MCAT. I am unsure as whether I should take a first year physics course (non-calculus). I am not sure about the degree of difficulty for this class as math is not my strength….If I take physics it will also prepare me for the MCAT and also open the door to Mcgill. Can I teach myself the physics required on the MCAt? Or should I include this in my course selection? As for my weakness in math, this summer I plan to take a refresher course on basic algebra and trigonometry.
  2. Hi there, I looked into taking audit courses, however the courses that would be of the most benefit are not available this summer. I started watching the Khan Academy videos and reading EK Chemistry in preparation for the MCAT I have scheduled for later this summer. Learning the content so far does not seem to be a problem but I am feeling overwhelmed at everything that I need to cover in all subjects…. My plan was to take the MCAT for the first time this summer knowing that I will need to re-write it next year. I have also decided to register in Biology and Chemistry courses as part of an additional degree which will start in September. My dilemma is whether I put off writing the MCAT for the first time until after this year of courses or do I prep, learn the content as best as I can and write it this summer. My thoughts are that the preparation for MCAT will give me a head start going into my courses in September as well a good idea of what to expect from the actual MCAT. I plan on writing the MCAT regardless following completion of the Chem/Bio courses, but would doing poorly on this now effect how I'm viewed as an applicant in the future even if I do well? Any thoughts on this?
  3. Thanks everyone for sharing your advice with me! I definitely have a lot to think about. I am leaning towards doing 2 additional years to complete yet another degree. At this point I am unsure of whether I should complete a "easier degree" or finish my next degree with mainly science based courses. I think taking organic chemistry and biology courses will give me more options to apply more broadly across Canada and the US if needed. However, I guess I'm nervous about taking these courses and not doing as well as I would like and possibly making things worse….
  4. Yes I have been doing everything backwards. Knowing what I do now I would have done things differently from the start of this journey . I guess I'm destined to take the long path to medicine if it is even meant to be. To be honest I never really considered the PhD route. I did not think PhD credits could be applied to my undergraduate GPA calculations? I know some schools do add extra points for PhD/Masters but since I already have a masters would the PhD boost give me more of an advantage then completing 2 more years? I guess I need to look into this option more and weigh the pros and cons. As for my Masters GPA was 3.75.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement! To answer your question I completed 4 courses per semester from Sept-April and 1 summer course to obtain my second degree (5FCE total). My GPA from my final year of my Nursing degree was 2.78 (the previous years were not any better except for a 3.0). So even for those schools that take my two best years it will still not be competitive enough. I really don't think I have any other choice but to complete more years for 3rd degree. Im definitely up for the challenge though!
  6. Ok so after some long thinking I have decided I'm not ready to throw in the towel. Here is what I'm thinking of doing. 1. Finish another degree (my third) . It will take me two years to complete a biology or psychology of science degree. I'm hoping I can use these two years if I do well to open the doors to other schools. Up until now because of my poor planning I have only been eligible for NOSM 2. Write the MCAT next year. I'm hoping my science based courses will help me prepare for this. 3. Reapply at NOSM in between and hope for the best. 4. Work hard and not give up until I know I have done everything possible. At that point I think I will know if I am ready to move on. Any advice or thoughts ?? Please I'm looking for honest feedback
  7. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have some advice on what my next steps should be or other universities that I might have a realistic chance of getting into. This was my third application to NOSM (wait listed twice, however rejected post interview during this cycle). I have only applied to NOSM because of their second degree policy (My first degree in Nursing has a very low GPA 2.7 and my second degree I completed in Psychology with a GPA of 3.85) I have not written the MCAT but am considering to do so if there is anywhere I can even apply to with my second degree. Something to know about my second degree is that I only needed 5 full new credits to complete it as the rest of the credits were transferable. Im not sure how this works with some of the other universities…. I have a Masters in Public Health and have completed the Nurse Practitioner Program with great marks. It is this first degree that is haunting me. Can I overcome this? Or do I move on? I don't want to give up….
  8. Has anyone heard anything about waitlist movement?
  9. Time Stamp: May 10th 9:07 Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted GPA: 3.85 + 0.2 Masters in Public Health ECs: Varied, ++ experience in the health care field (currently work as a NP), multiple committees related to my profession, program development (new Paeds program at local hospital), leadership roles including preceptorship of NP students. Some volunteer work. Also experience working in remote northern communities. Decision: N/A Campus: ​Interview: Didn't feel positive about it….some stations went well but others I was unsure of.
  10. Interview: No GPA-3.8 + 0.2 (MA)=4.0 Context: Born/lived in Thunder Bay my whole life. EC's: Little volunteer experience. +++ health related work experience (currently work full time as a Nurse Practitioner, past experience includes working in remote northern communities, as well as in the ER. Non Trad: Nurse Practitioner Certificate, Masters in Public Health, BA Psychology, Nursing Degree. #of previous applications : none Not sure where I went wrong in this process…..
  11. I figured it out..email was in my spam box.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone else is scheduled to complete the Casper test on October 19/14 for NOSM? I haven't received any other information other than the date and time it is to be completed. Is there not a pretest for settings that has to be completed before hand that requires a password? Sorry Im a little confuse so if anyone can explain the process to me that would be great. Thanks
  13. You could possibly discuss the Ebola crisis in Africa? How outside intervention from more developed countries is necessary to help contain the virus(for example US has sent in troops to help set up hospitals) due to weak healthcare system.
  14. Hello everyone, From my understanding NOSM adds extra points to gPa for graduate courses. Is it then possible to have over a 4.0 gpa if my gpa is already 3.85? Or am I misunderstanding something?
  15. The NP program consisted of master level courses which included: [*]Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnosis 1 [*]Therapeutics 1 (basically a pharmacological course) [*]Pathophysiology [*]NP roles & Responsibilities [*]Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnosis 2 [*]Therapeutics 2 My grades were all above 85.
  16. Yes, I was raised and currently work as a NP in Thunder Bay. I also have worked in remote northern communities. I have great experience however, my undergrad marks are holding me back. I just wasn't as motivated in that time in my life as I am now.
  17. I did the Np full time at Lakehead University. The following year I completed the MPH program at Lakehead while working full time as a Nurse Practitioner.
  18. In response to the question of what was involved in becoming an NP, I had to complete the NP certificate program then write an exam for my licensure. I completed the MPH program separately.
  19. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm going to opt for a second undergraduate degree. I already have a second degree partially completed from some extra courses I have taken in my previous studies. I am determined to become a physician even if it takes me a bit longer to get there. As for why I want to leave the NP profession to become an Md, it is more about furthering my education and challenging myself. As an Np I do have quite a bit of autonomy, however I just want to learn more.
  20. Year 1:3.0 Year 2:2.3 Year3:2.3 Year4:2.9 It looks like my undergrad gpa is worse than I thought when calculating it using the omsas.... It is a shame because my Nurse Practitioner marks are great. Not sure where to go from here....
  21. Hi everyone, I'm currently working as a Nurse Practitioner and have recently completed my masters of public health. I am contemplating applying to medical school, however my undergraduate marks from when I completed my nursing degree 9 years ago are not great (GPa-2.7). My most recent marks after completing the np and masters program are substantially higher (3.7). I'm just wondering if these most recent marks are considered as opposed to my grades 9 years ago.
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