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  1. I disagree with the above post - although for the majority of schools it doesnt matter, ref letters do in fact matter a lot for UofT
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would help me in this predicament. I'm trying to book a mcat date for July 22. This means I would get my scores back by Aug 23, which gives me time to potentially do a re-take if need be in September. It would also give me a little over a week to prepare for the re-take. Is this advisable? Or am I better off just pushing my mcat date to August and studying a few weeks more in the initial run
  3. So, I think another important thing to consider is that you may want to write it early enough to give yourself a chance to RE-WRITE if you do in case not get the desired/required scores for the schools you are applying to. I'm not entirely sure in this scenario when you should write it - I think the only date that is possible to write & then to have a chance to re-write is July 22. The score would come out Aug. 23 for the july 22 test date, and then if you did not get the desired scores you could schedule for the september 10th date which gives you at least a couple of weeks to prepare again. What do others think?
  4. no chance for people in the bad waitlist to get in? :/
  5. Dont mean to hijack this thread, but how much do you guys think the length of your relationship with your reference person matters? I have a research supervisor who i started full time research with this summer, and i'd be continuong to work with her throughout the year, but by the application cycle i will have known her for less than a year. Does this really matter if she can write me a good ref?
  6. Have people gotten off the bad waitlist before?
  7. Hey, the bad wailist email said something like "however, given your position you are not likely going to receive an offer"
  8. Bad waitlisted - does anyone know if people in the past has been accepted off a bad waitst? Or is it a rejection essentially
  9. Anyone know what time it has been released in the mornings???
  10. Lol, having had multiple friends in the mac integrated science program & reading this new western program, they're all essentially the same thing : multi-disciplinary approach to science. You're def getting overexcited by meaningless buzz words.
  11. Sounds identical to Mcmasters integrated science program lol, been done before.
  12. kinda sucks that they don't get the same backpacks as everyone else.. The whole point is so that all the Med students from the province have the same backpacks :/
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