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  1. CaRMS has actually published some data on what ends up happening to those who go unmatched in the first round (at least, as of 2012). The majority matched in the second round, but a significant minority chose to re-apply in next year's match. It looks like there were two people who kept applying and going unmatched through to 2015.
  2. I think it's a matter of perspective. Although you may have been "rejected" by the program in question, in a way they were also "rejected" by the applicants to that specialty, else they wouldn't have an open spot. Perhaps they thought they were more desirable than they actually were, and didn't rank enough candidates? In any case if I was a PD, I would treat the second round as a blank slate. You have a spot you need to fill. You have the choice of people who are known to be interested in the specialty, though you may have passed over them initially; vs. people who are clearly scrambling and switching specialties. Who would you rank higher?
  3. There's a list of deadlines for the second-round match on the carms.ca website, but basically: March 7 - soft deadline ("milestone") for when transcripts, MSPRs, and mailed letters of reference should be received, in order to be processed in time March 9 at 1200h - deadline for assignment of all documents and applications to programs Though you could have documents come in after March 9, and/or submit new applications after March 9, they would be marked as late.
  4. I can't speak to Family, but I did apply broadly for Internal. I would suggest looking over the program descriptions on the CaRMS website, which will help you get a feel for how much emphasis programs place on you doing extensive Internal electives. I know that for certain programs not doing Internal electives is basically a non-starter, but for others you could still be invited to interview. At the end of the day a strong candidate is a strong candidate; it's not like someone who's gotten ace evals in Gen Surg and Family will be a shitty IM resident. In particular, consider applying to U of A's internal program. They really value diversity in electives and won't necessarily fault you for not doing Internal electives, so long as you had a strong core rotation and can reasonably demonstrate interest in the specialty. In fact several IM gunners I know did not get invites there despite the fact that it was their home school, whereas people who were using IM as a backup did get interviews. Ultimately, applying costs you nothing but some time and $30, and you won't know until you try!
  5. 1. No, they have no knowledge about other programs you've applied to, just as you have no knowledge of who else has applied to that program. 2. No, this is explicitly prohibited. "Interviews cannot include questions, allusions, remarks or coercion about other applications, interviews or ranking." - from the CaRMS website
  6. I tried to do this on an elective earlier this year, in Hamilton. The Enterprise website also let me go through everything and the car rental was confirmed, however when I got to the agency I was informed that I needed to produce proof of insurance. Apparently a pink slip with my name on it would suffice, as would a telephone call to my insurance company, but unfortunately it was a weekend and the slip only had my parents names on it. I think this is as a result of provincial regulations. I literally almost had the keys in my hand and there wasn't anything about additional fees, etc, so I think as long as you had proof of insurance you'd be good to go. To be safe you could always call the actual agency you'd like to rent from. Oh, and apparently it's pretty easy to get rides from other applicants on the CaRMS tour! Ontario residents will probably be driving between the cities so you could always hitch a ride with them and split gas. I understand the temptation to prebook everything though!
  7. Not personally, no - however anecdotally I've heard of several applicants who not only succeeded in getting an interview, but also getting matched to the program that initially rejected them! CaRMS is a strange entity...
  8. 1) I know it sucks, and especially since it's the first rejection it's a blow to the psyche. But in my opinion there's no use trying to piece together why you didn't get an interview since, whatever it was, there's not really anything you can do about it now. Most likely it was a Mac idiosyncracy - maybe they only interviewed people who did electives there, or maybe they didn't like your letter, or who knows? Just focus on the fact that a) it's quite common to not get interviews at all the schools you apply to, you should get an interview to your home school and other schools you did electives at, c) you have no red flags, and d) you only have to match to one school! It's early in the game, keep your chin up 2) Yes, you absolutely can write to the secretary and ask to be reconsidered. No harm in trying. What I've heard, however, is that people can accept interviews and drop out later, so maybe it would be better to appeal closer to one of the interview dates?
  9. Hi Ribcrackers, My family is planning a reunion this winter, so I've been asked to find out the dates for Christmas break. I don't think the 2013-2014 schedule is up on the UME website, but according to the U of A calendar, classes end on December 13 (for MD1 and MD2) and resume on January 6 (for everyone, I presume). Does that sound about right to you, or would the actual break be different than the calendar's dates? Thanks.
  10. If they're vegetarian, so to speak, then yes... I think they'd have a natural love of the subject material. How did you find out about PM101?
  11. So... basically... I got punk'd . Well, I'm kind of glad... it would have been awkward telling people I was a Blood St17ch lol.
  12. I was wondering if current U of A students could shed some light on this. Is it true that we don't need to take a CPR/first-aid course before first year? That was the impression I got from some old posts, but I just wanted to make sure. I know this will be answered in our orientation package, but I have already booked a class (as required by another school) and I need some lead time to cancel it. Thanks!
  13. I didn't see a support thread, but I just wanted to post a good luck message to everyone who applied. Whatever happens tomorrow, keep your chin up!
  14. A bit of both. You have to yield on the small stuff, but stay firm on the big issues... it's really a balancing act (and it gets harder the older they are). If you had chosen a different path in life (I think we've all had that moment), where would you be right now?
  15. DISCONCERTING Drivers in some Canadian operations, notwithstanding certification, egregiously react to interesting, nice gents. No jumping around me this time
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