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  1. mononoke

    Struggling in Med School ...

    Depending on the medical school you're at, some schools (like UofT) will pair you with a staff supervisor who you can contact for shadowing and research ...etc if you come from a first in university background. See if your school has a program like this Sometimes your profs will leave emails for students on their slides after they present, often if you talk to them, they're happy to let you shadow
  2. Was wondering what people's thoughts were on this program - is it worth it if you know you'll likely be in ontario for 5 years? http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/rlirp/faq.aspx
  3. mononoke

    Working during CCFP-EM fellowship

    I heard it was b/c they didn't complete the required quality improvement project to get a passing grade for their residency requirements, so maybe their license was restricted...but the not passing the boards makes sense too.
  4. What is the difference between doing addictions from family med or psych? For example, is there a big difference in billings or scope of practice? How big of an issue are no-shows when it comes to this patient population?
  5. mononoke

    Working during CCFP-EM fellowship

    I've seen a FM doc 1 yr out of residency have restricted license - is this usually the case or is that an exception? They are not in any +1 program
  6. I tried searching around for this but beyond what boundary does it count as 'rural site' for the osap loan forgiveness? Does anyone have any suggestions of places they did a rural placement and were able to qualify for the $8000 loan forgiveness?
  7. There would need to be more context given - if you have such a huge patient roster, this must be a fam doc who's working surgeon hours
  8. mononoke

    CaRMS Second Iteration Process

    https://www.carms.ca/en/match-process/match-timelines/applicants/r-1-match-second-iteration/ This might be helpful to answering your 1st and 2nd qns if you scroll to the bottom
  9. I've never seen that before - is this rurally?
  10. So you had to pay rent for your house and your spouse's house? Wow that's expensive
  11. Last year it was 18, increased this year...it probably didn't help that several unmatched people last year also joined the match this year
  12. mononoke

    Unfilled carms spots

    For UofT, we got an email saying 26...pretty tough year, that's like 10% of our class
  13. People apply to derm and plastics?? I thought you had to do all your electives in plastics to even get interviews...how did their guidance counsellors not advise them about that?
  14. mononoke

    16+ interviews in 3 weeks?

    I think average depends on the specialty, I've heard 7-12 being 'average'
  15. Same, I did an elective there too. Do they give preference to their own students for interviews?