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  1. Selling the new TBR books (except for psych/soc) and the full set of new TPR books. TBR books had some answers circled in pencil, which have now been erased. TPR books in very good condition with no writing in them. Selling TBR books for $250 CAD (bought for just under $500) and selling TPR books for $100 CAD. I really loved TBR and attribute my success on both the 2014 MCAT (35) and the 2017 MCAT (516) to these books. No other prep books have the quantity of passage-based questions that TBR does. Located in Toronto
  2. Dos anyone have any idea how many spots are left? Is it safe to say that by the end of next week all the spots will be taken? This waiting is killing me :/
  3. I actually emailed admissions after I bombed my interview this year lol... they said they ARE accepting the old MCAT next year. I think the assumption that the only people applying with the old MCAT are those with low scores is flawed. I have a 96th percentile score and just got around to applying this year. I have a friend who hasn't even applied yet (he will next year) with a 99th percentile score. A lot of people write well in advance to get the mcat out of the way even if they aren't planning on applying right away.
  4. Does anyone have any guesses as to what the written component will consist of? Signed up for OWL today and it's making me nervous...
  5. Do we think this is going to be an essay question to assess communication skills or something along the lines of CASPr? I'm really hoping it's not like CASPr...
  6. Since when can people with the old MCAT only apply this year? Every Ontario school has stated that they will accept old scores for the full 5 years...
  7. Invite: yes IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: no 2YGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 13PS/10BS/12VR ECs: Lots of volunteering and research, 1 pub, lots of intramural sports and 2 observerships ... didn't think my ECs were strong at all Super pumped about the change in the MCAT cutoffs!
  8. I'm trying to decide between Princeton Review and Prep101, opinions? The Prep101 flexible schedule and online lectures are more convenient but I've heard bad things
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