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  1. Result: Accepted off the waitlist yesterday morning! Geography: IP GPA: 3.43 (...I know, still reeling from even being considered) MCAT: 509 Degree: BSc and MPH EC: If you want more specific information on this, feel free to contact me but I think this is the part of my application that’s my saving grace considering low GPA and MCAT. I have extensive (~8 years) community outreach volunteering and work experience, particularly with marginalized populations. I have been working for the public service (legislation) for about 2 years now since finishing grad school. Interview: This is my second year interviewing at the U of A (my 4th time applying). I was waitlisted last year, with no luck. So super stoked to have gotten off the waitlist this year and am really looking forward to meeting others in the Fall!! For those still on the waitlist, or reapplying, don’t give up!!!! It WILL happen for you, keep persevering and have faith!
  2. nevergiveup1

    MD application and CASPer

    Yes this is the third year they required CASPer. They ask you to write it after your application has already been submitted (or at least they have as of now) and give you a few dates to choose from before the new year to write it
  3. nevergiveup1

    MMI prep

    Yes! I would definitely be interested in getting started on MMI prep. I practiced with a small group last year and found it helpful for sure. Count me in
  4. nevergiveup1

    Reference Lettre

    One of my references was contacted yesterday and a few verifiers today. But one of my references is also listed as a verifier for one of my activities and they were sent a request for both in one email
  5. nevergiveup1

    MMI Prep on Campus

    Hi - not sure if I'm too late for this, but I would also be interested in meeting to practice if anyones up for it! Please let me know