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  1. Trying to be realistic here in creating a budget for 4th year. I've heard horror stories of people travelling all over the country spending tens of thousands of dollars, but also of people who stayed home the whole time and spent nothing. So, I'm aware that there is huge variability depending on where you choose to do your electives, combined with the length of your CaRMS tour, but I was wondering if any residents or current 4th years can shed some light on the costs associated with their last year? Do the extra costs (electives/CaRMS) make that much of a difference when compared to your budget for every other year?
  2. NLwhat

    Number on acceptance letter?

    Mine doesn't have anything on the envelope.
  3. Never posted yesterday but I was accepted! The only reason I'm posting this is to let people know not to get deterred if you have a low mcat or below average grades. There are plenty of other things you can do to strengthen your application. This was my second time applying. I knew my grades/mcat were not the best, by their standards, so I focused on making every other part of my application really strong. It may not be the case, but I truly believe that the interview is what really determines if someone gets in or not. Last year I did not have a great interview and I knew it, so this year I looked for as much help I could find and apparently it paid off. So, if you are concerned about grades or mcat scores, don't be. I know the feeling of being rejected and, to be honest, I think that the extra year helped a lot for when I applied this year. If you really want to get in you will, and eventually, it will happen. GPA: 3.6 Average: 85% MCAT: 22 EC's: Lots! like I said, I had to do something to make up for that MCAT score *I'm an IP applicant
  4. All letters are registered.. acceptances, regrets and waitlisted
  5. They're out though and the wait is killing me. I know 5 people who were accepted today.
  6. Haven't heard. Just heard through the grapevine that they have received them.
  7. Letters are out, heard a few people got them.
  8. Was told from admissions that letters were put in the mail today
  9. Girl at admissions told me the letters are being sent on Monday and we will have them within the next few days of that. So there you go.
  10. When did out of province find out last year? My guess is, since they switched in province and out of province, we will hear the same time in February.. My guess is the last week of February (~22nd-25th), so still another 3 weeks wait
  11. Last year IP found out April 22. OPP was a couple weeks before that if I remember correctly
  12. I would definitely like to re-write, however, with a full time job this summer, there's no way I would get to re-write before the next application deadline in September.. So I guess I'll have to reapply with the same grades again..
  13. Was going to post this yesterday, but I was too bummed. I was rejected by Memorial this year GPA: ~3.7 Average: ~85% EC's: I thought it was a fair bit. Multiple provincial sports teams (along with coaching and clinics), involved with a lot of different music groups (bands and choirs), sit on a number of councils, and have been volunteering with around 4 organizations consistently for the past 4 years. MCAT: 24S INTERVIEW: I thought it was good! I think my MCAT could've done me in, although I knew my grades were below average going in. I thought my interview was good but I'm sure it could've gone better. Hopefully next year!
  14. NLwhat

    MPH at MUN?

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone on here get accepted to med and also to the MPH program? Just hoping that us folk on the wait list might have a chance since some people would obviously decline the MPH program if they were accepted to med.
  15. NLwhat

    IP Acceptance.... Letters

    I live outside of St. John's, so I'm not even really expecting a letter when I get home. I know last year that people that live near me got them the day after all of St. John's