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  1. I can't speak to it but there was a girl in clerkship who was asking students in pre clerkship if they could come by her place to feed her dog at lunch throughout the year.
  2. Drinking, cleaning, talking about how you want a tan but then complaining about it being too hot outside.
  3. I don’t think these are new elements. These are what will remain included on the new format.
  4. Agreed upon by the AFMC UGME deans across Canada
  5. I was being sarcastic haha. Real criminals do stuff like tax evasion and racketeering.
  6. I can't believe i've been living most of my adult life as a hardened criminal.
  7. Should of been more clear. It HAS been changed to my current address. After a stern talking to by one of the guys at Passport Canada last year.
  8. I am trying to push the idea of signing the certificate later but she isn’t too interested in that idea unfortunately haha
  9. I never change my address whenever I move so we are not common law despite living together for like 5/6 years. i just checked the estimate and it looks like I do lose quite a bit of funding. Would be nice to find a way around this but I guess that would be illegal.
  10. I'm getting married next summer before the start of clerkship. Does anyone know how this will effect the funding I receive, and if so, if there are any tricks to get around losing that funding? EDIT: she will be making around 60k/year before taxes.
  11. (70 + 90) / 2 = 80 164/2 = 82 Most =/= less than half the class. The last reported numbers say that 84 declined their offer, which is slightly more than half the class (51.2%)
  12. I don't think one has been made yet.
  13. Pre-interview it's rounded to two decimal places. If you do the math from the GPA calculations on their website, you can see that this is true. While they don't necessarily state that post-interview it's 3 decimal spots, intuitively it makes sense. When going down the waitlist there will be multiple students with a 3.96, 3.95 etc.. when you get to the end of the waitlist, how do you differentiate between multiple applicants who have the same GPA? You use the third decimal. This can also be seen if you go through the waitlist invites from previous years.
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