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  1. I went back to take a physics credit as a part-time student. It does not count towards your GPA calculation as you are not a full-time student.
  2. You're looking for advice from people who were in 1st year undergrad 8+ years ago (not sure about Vendar) when the technology you have didn't exist?
  3. Jfourn

    Home/Tenant Insurance

    You're so responsible.
  4. So supposedly I need to get this. Does the OMA offer a sweet deal or should I just go with my regular insurance people?
  5. Is UC Davis Canadian friendly? Why not add both Mayos?
  6. Jfourn

    Casper Prep Companies

    I will second the comment about Astroff. Here is an old thread I wrote about them, you can check my old post history to decide whether I’m some paid advertisement.
  7. Jfourn

    French stream GPA uOttawa

    Why not check some of the recent comments in the waitlist thread
  8. Jfourn

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Holy shit still at 3.99? Seams like the wl barely moved.
  9. Jfourn

    Laptop bursary ?

    I heard you will have to pay extra for the keyboard and charging port accessory on the new MacBook Pro.
  10. I have already earned and redeemed the points for my trip.
  11. Did the same thing but finished in two years, without taking summer courses. OP it is definitely worth it if you believe you can achieve the high GPA
  12. Someone I know who signed up with Scotiabank recently was given 325k for their LOC. Maybe that's it?
  13. Thank you for that, but I was making a grade 10 math joke lol.