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  1. Thank you for that, but I was making a grade 10 math joke lol.
  2. Jfourn

    OOP Waitlisters

    Removing from the waitlist.
  3. Jfourn

    OOP Waitlisters

    I will be and I believe number 11 has/will be as well
  4. http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/credit-cards/american-express/gold-card.html http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/credit-cards/visa/passport-infinite-card.html?cid=ps_abe05874921274a9cce123d0e016733f7a7e89af&gclid=Cj0KCQjwu_jYBRD8ARIsAC3EGCLCSU2u0dY_fG1sdBnkNxr8thG_J3g-CLfbMcPQQ9ACiPHKC6juJ7IaApr6EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. If you spend 2k in 3 months with Scotia you get 40k points. Wouldn't you get more points from using the two scotia cards as well? I ask because I am about to sign my contract with Scotia.
  6. My email just says they “received all my documents”, which wasn’t enough. Maybe if I bitch enough I’ll get my way, or if anyone is good at photoshop and could help a brother out
  7. So Scotia is asking for proof of enrolment, although Ottawa won’t provide us with our student numbers not attest to our enrolement until mid July. Has anyone been able to get access to the LOC without this?
  8. Jfourn

    Heart and Stroke BLS

    I didn't know there was one tomorrow. Would of loved to do that instead of having it clog up my weekend. I'm going to the Saturday one (in Ottawa).
  9. Jfourn

    Heart and Stroke BLS

    So has the course changed a lot over the years? I guess I was first aid certified in 2010/2011, and I believe it was like two 8 hour days of learning.
  10. So I signed up for the "BLS Provider" course offered by the Heart and Stroke, and I'm wondering if I signed up for the right one. The guy running it sent me 8 slides to study and told me it will take 3-4 hours. and the course was only $40. I feel like this certification is coming from some guy/girl's basement.
  11. A friend of mine who works for RBC told me their new deal is this: An IPAD RBC Visa Platinum Avion plus 30000 welcome points No fees for the credit card for 4 years, and free VIP banking (the VIP Banking gets you $120 off another one of their credit cards btw...)
  12. I'll take a page out of your book and switch font sizes