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  1. Jfourn

    MD PhD Acceptance

    You don't need to find a supervisor prior to applying
  2. Jfourn

    MD PhD Acceptance

  3. Over the past few years Ottawa has gone from using GPA + Top 5 Activities in each ABC category ---> GPA + Top 3 Activities in each ABS category + CASPer (although they did not use the score) -----> GPA + CASPer + ABS (no restriction on ABS)(this year also included the potential for including the MCAT), and I think this most recent year they set minimum grades for their pre-reqs. If I remember correctly Ottawa also limited your ABS activities to stuff you did during undergrad (so anything after graduation and during postgrad stuff would not be acceptable). I remember stressing out in my final year of my second undergrad to rack up as many hours as possible in my ABS activities, in order to be competitive. Yet that year when I fianally applied, they decided to get rid of the rule. It sucks when schools do this, but they do reserve the right to do so.
  4. The Hampton Inn is probably the closest. Or you could find an Airbnb.
  5. Jfourn

    Pharmacy to medicine

    Be prepared to answer the question why. That’s all you’ll have to worry about. Plenty of people do it.
  6. Be prepared for anything. I thought I knew Ottawa's tricks based on my two previous interview and things I heard through the grapevine. Then last year they threw a question at me (and I assume a lot of the other applicants) that I totally was not expecting. Your answers should definitely be shorter, there is a good document on this in the Med School Interview section of this website. uOttawa also puts on a Med School Interview day which would probably be helpful for you.
  7. Jfourn

    Cool thanks!

    You can start by going through Canadian schools websites to determine how they calculate GPA, then through this forum to see what GPAs people were offered interviews with. You can then do the same with the MCAT. Its easier to come back to Canada if you go to a USMD school so you can use this forum or SDN to determine which schools are Canadian friendly. Then you should probably ask yourself if you can get your grades up to achieve whatever is required for acceptance, and whether you believe you can score well on the MCAT.
  8. Pretty good discussion over in this thread:
  9. Jfourn

    Stress Survey

    Your friend should change their survey to differentiate between student's stress when in pre-clerkship vs. clerkship.
  10. I went back to take a physics credit as a part-time student. It does not count towards your GPA calculation as you are not a full-time student.
  11. You're looking for advice from people who were in 1st year undergrad 8+ years ago (not sure about Vendar) when the technology you have didn't exist?
  12. Jfourn

    Home/Tenant Insurance

    You're so responsible.
  13. So supposedly I need to get this. Does the OMA offer a sweet deal or should I just go with my regular insurance people?
  14. Is UC Davis Canadian friendly? Why not add both Mayos?