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  1. I see. Thanks. If you have to take a day off during the week (M-F) once every so often, is that feasible or does it have a major negative impact?
  2. Hi all, I'd like to ask a couple questions about the study/life balance in medical school at Mac: 1) On a day-to-day basis, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and effort you have to put in in order to be the best student you can be? Do you ever get a feeling that no studying is ever enough to keep up, or on the contrary is it that if you maintain a consistent study routine, everything tends to work out fine? 2) If once every so often you have to take a day or two off during the week to attend to personal things (leave town to visit a sick relative, attend a funeral, a wedding, etc. etc.), does that have adverse consequences in that you fall behind as a result? Thanks for sharing your insights.
  3. Thanks for the great tips everyone. osteogeek: I think it's great that you are able to do that commute. Hats off to you. Do you ever feel like your commute drains you or makes you feel less fresh when you need to focus/study?
  4. Hi, The purpose of this poll is to gain a sense of how long med students at Mac commute every day, specifically from home to the classroom. Hopefully it'll give us all insight into what the norm is. Thanks very much for participating.
  5. Thanks Beef and everyone that has shared their input. It is very kind of you and very appreciated. I just have a question about some of the posts which hint at receiving some degree of information/feedback: lwu018, quoted by beef: "I was informed by one of NOSM's admissions officers 2 years back that my context score for that year's application was relatively low. I threw out some guesses of around 3 - 4 out of 10 and the admissions officer thought it would likely be lower" beef, self-quoted: "As I have mentioned many times that after an outright rejection I was told that my context score was low. I was told that at 5 years you are given certain number of points and after 10 years you get more." Would I be correct to say that you can somehow actually speak to an admissions officer and get feedback? I've emailed admissions and been unsuccessful in getting any such feedback. Thanks again guys.
  6. Hi, I have a question about clerkship at Mac. When clerks are out doing rotations in the community, are their activities and their learning directed by a practicing physician (i.e. a doctor who has completed their training), or by residents? Could you also please elaborate on the nature of the relationship between the clerk, the residents, and the practicing physician, i.e. what their roles are in relation to each other and how they interact with each other on an average day? Thank you.
  7. Could a mod kindly delete this? Thank you.
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