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  1. I am trying to put myself in their shoes. They are facing the very real possibility - if not inevitable at this point - of having to do virtual interviews this year and the Casper is one possible solution to trying to do MMI virtually. I know they did run 1 of the interview weekends last cycle virtually but dont know how that went. I interviewed the first weekend last cycle in person. If I were them, I'd use this established online test instead of trying to build the same thing on our own end then choose the top however many candidates to invite to a virtual panel interview to check for red flags (rumored to be the purpose of the panel).
  2. On their website they state that last years cycle 3.7 was considered competitive for graduate applicants https://applymd.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements but with that in mind... I have also never been interviewed and have a 3.7 as a grad applicant. I think my essays were not that great each time I applied but have a really good feeling about this years.
  3. Nope! If you go to https://takecasper.com/dates-times/ and you navigate through the buttons to Undergraduate Medicine, Queens you will see the snapshot is listed as not required. I believe I found something where it says they will not even look at it even if you did it.
  4. I can confirm this year they did not show agpa - I was able to see my agpa last year but not this year. I believe it goes along with their changes of not showing you the breakdown of NAQ, AQ, and total file review score anymore.
  5. Got my "regrets after waitlist" email today oh well
  6. I am still "waitlisted". Finally got the motivation to start a new application today. I was actually just wondering when they might release our AQ and NAQ marks. But now this sliver of hope comes along... best not to get my hopes up and start emailing verifiers tomorrow.
  7. Really? That's interesting - must have changed their rules. I just looked up the email they sent me in 2014. They just copy pasted my entire entry including the verifiers contact info and asked to make sure the contact info listed was correct. They said "Can you please confirm that the verifier contact information for the activity listed is correct? The email address does not correspond to the person listed. " Wonder if they just didnt want to give the info over the phone? Anyways mass emailing might work - tell them to check their junk mail?
  8. Usually they tell you the specific person. I got an email one cycle saying that they couldnt reach this particular person - so I followed up with that person to verify their contact info was correct. If they didnt put your verifier's name in the email that they couldnt contact, it was probably a mistake and you could just email and ask which one so you can follow up with them.
  9. I agree, I don't think you'll be penalized if you put it in both sections. In the end its up to you - don't hesitate to send an email to Adcom if you're worried/not sure what to do as they're very helpful.
  10. I can second this. I also am super lucky to have received an NSERC USRA and have asked adcom where to include this in the application. They say that USRA NSERCs can go in the employment section as they see it more as an employment opportunity. However, if you have a master's or PhD level NSERC (or other triagency scholarship), it can go in the awards section. They explained that they look at the undergraduate and the graduate level NSERCs a little differently. I had this clarified last year at an info session and checked in again this cycle via emailing Adcom through the OAS to make sure they'd still prefer this. I personally wouldn't include it as an award AND an employment entry as Frenchpress suggests for it as I see that as kind of double-dipping. I would describe the research position in the employment entry.
  11. I believe so. As long as you meet the full course load for the whole school year (sept-april) they should remove 1 FCE (2 semester courses) from that year - doesnt matter what semester they were in.
  12. I was at an interview session and someone asked a question at how they would be looked at in terms of grades vs full course load. The student said they took a full course load once and their average was lower than all their other years (which were not at full time status). They said their gpa would be like 3.8 without their full-time year factored in. The admin person said that the full-time courseload isn't just a check mark on their application. They want to know if you can handle the rigorous curriculum of med school. They said med school isn't easy - it is a lot of work. From this, I would imagine that the person who has done a double major with a minor taking 7 courses a term would demonstrate this exceptionally well and would be ranked accordingly. However, pre-interview this is not evaluated so gotta meet that threshold first.
  13. I downloaded my application in PDF form one year and you could see that there was a button that they press to "send verification email". I do not believe every verifier gets an email - it is hand-picked.
  14. Is the award listed on your transcript? OMSAS says that you can put 0 to indicate that it can be verified by your transcript. I had some scholarships I put down and asked my university's enrolment services if someone there could verify - they referred me to the OMSAS guide section on verifiers https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-verifiers/
  15. I posted asking the same question in the general OMSAS thread. Someone posted that there is a message on their facebook page (which I had no idea existed). "Reminder that the deadline to submit your OMSAS application is Saturday, October 1, 2016. A few important things to note: Submitting a CV and/or ISAP documentation online: there is a 48-hour turnaround time to gain access to the SAM tool to upload your documentation once you’ve completed your payment to OMSAS. As October 1st is a Saturday, the University of Toronto will accept any CV/ISAP documentation submitted using the SAM tool up to 4pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Mailing in your letters: As October 1st is a Saturday, the University of Toronto will accept your regular reference/graduate supervisor/MDPhD letters as long as they are received by OMSAS by 4pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Online reference letters: These are still due on October 1st and must be received at OMSAS by this date."
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