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  1. There is a list floating around the interwebs that list all of the states and their qualifications necessary for licensing. However, it's about 5-7 years old. I didn't know if anyone had an updated list of states you can work in with your LMCC only, no american boards/Step exams. There were not very many states in that group, if I recall.
  2. Unsure how your school does this, but I would very surprised if they did not include comments from elective evaluations? Obviously there will be a cut-off at some point where the MSPR is uploaded and everything after that will not be submitted to CaRMS.
  3. Still the same issue, I spoke with CaRMS they said they were aware of the issue and are working on it. Time is money!!
  4. Thanks, so back to the original question do I say 'blah blah blah.... I'm interested in pursuing Diagnostic Radiology....' or just ....'Radiology'
  5. I managed to fill out everything until the payment step where it asked me to fill in credit card info but then did not have any boxes for me to put it in!?
  6. When applying to Radiology... such as in personal letters... can we use the word Radiology? or do we say that we are applying to Diagnostic Radiology?
  7. People I know we're 0 for 3, but I'm unsure of their true competitiveness as applicants.
  8. I would think they are in the same boat as you if they have empty spots left over. If I were in their shoes, I would be happy to hear from a CMG applicant (who doesn't have any red flags to their name).
  9. I'm surfing the AFMC portal and can't see any specific Pediatric ER electives. How would I go about swinging that? I'm looking at Ottawa in particular. Thanks
  10. Memorial's FM program last year filled all of their spots last year. This year they have 9 spots unfilled. The graduating class match 22 to FM and 2 to FM+ER in NB. Of those 22, only 9 stayed to do FM residency at Memorial. That stings a little I think and definitely increased their unfilled spots.
  11. What he said. I have a friend in the class, who fortunately, did match. Anyone else think that there were a lot of unfilled spots after R1? Also hearing of a lot of unmatched applicants. Seems as though it was just a bit of bad luck/circumstances?
  12. Programs are F***ing with the system when they do this and they should get called out for it. I agree with Gen Surg and Ortho being WILDLY different. I see zero overlap between the job and the personalities who are in them.
  13. Speaking of which... I heard 10% of UofT went unmatched... Only 1 student at Memorial (60 students).
  14. Hi Psychoswim, I wasn't a fan of FM either but you can do SO MUCH with it. You dont even have to do FM with it. There's a ton of +1s and you can also just surgical assist. It's $120/hour in Newfoundland. Some FM docs just work in the Psychiatric Assessment Unit full-time. I wouldn't discount FM. It opens a door to almost anything. Don't forget you can also switch into your desired specialty (if possible)
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