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  1. I was in the second round and I still don't have an answer.
  2. Or some candidates who got accepted declined their spot... but less likely.
  3. Anybody IP who did their interview during april got an answer?
  4. C'est pour savoir les dates des entrevues en français. Je m'en fou des questions.
  5. Écrivez-moi en privé svp les gens qui ont un entrevue en français à McGill!
  6. I don't know... is it possible to ask for our position?
  7. Yeah they're obviously not looking for a crazy vigilante like me. My hobbie is to fight crimes and vilains!!! XP
  8. Even with the new questions for the PN you managed to write the same thing? I changed 70% of my PN from last year.
  9. TIME STAMP: checked minerva around 4:30 pm on January 21st Result: Invite wGPA: 3.85/4.0 MCAT: - ECs: lots of volunteering couple years ago (some in hospital setting), couple little jobs, very little next to nothing of research Year: UG 2013 + now ongoing dentistry student IP Letter of EC: No Happy to answer any questions.
  10. Even when all the candidates who are invited confirm their presence, there are chances for the WL because after the MMI, some candidates get low scores on the interview so they will invite the WL to see if any of them can do better... It's not just when an invited candidate decline the interview that a WL gets one.
  11. Let me know guys for a date, I'll like to practice too!
  12. Got an invite last year and just got one this year too. But I know some people got one 2 years ago but not last year.
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