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  1. Orcamute is obv a troll. Joined in April this year and has 250+ posts. People joined years ago and don't even have 100 posts.
  2. Just watched the game against Boston. It was a great win, everyone the leafs expect great things from scored (Kessel, Lupul, JVR). Bonus - Reimer had a great night. The 4th goal that JVR scored was epic! If it doesn't get highlight of the night tomorrow morning I'll know that hockey is about popularity b/c had ovechkin scored that type of goal it would have been HON.
  3. I'll be beginning SN2eds 3 month schedule today. First off should I follow it? Secondly, does anyone have any adjustments they think should be made and generalized to everyone? Or is it really all about how you learn best? One adjustment I hear about often is switching from TBR bio to EK bio for less detail (I think).. Let me know! Thanks
  4. I know how to switch programs lol. Just want to know if I should, to avoid all the lab courses.
  5. At UofT 4th year grades will not count (they say that info isn't available to them). If you took a full course load in each of your 3 years (which means 5.0 credits = 5 full year courses = 10 half semester courses) then they will allow you to drop 3 full year courses = 6 half semester courses to calculate your wGPA. The dropped courses can be from any year. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.....sorry if I am
  6. Thanks undergrad. Anyone else wanna pitch in some advice, I appreciate it all (even the trolling is good, for a laugh). The most common thing people say is that biomed will be better if you end up giving up on medicine. Maybe I shouldn't like them. Maybe I should just make my decisions based purely on the assumption that one day things will work out..? What do you guys/girls think? Is this positive or impulsive?
  7. I'm currently in a Biomedical Science program but I want to switch to straight up biology. Should I do it? I messed up my second year in biomed and need third year to be beastly. However, the Biomed program requires a bunch of lab courses where the bio program says you don't need any. Should I do it? This summer before Sep 2013 is the last time I have to make a decision......Advice?
  8. I doubt they consider special circumstances. I had a marathon of emails between me and a secretary (not adcom) and she kept repeating that if one year is not full course load, you don't get to drop 4.0 credits (which is four full year courses, or 8 half semester courses).
  9. Sorry for not clarifying. Is there a med school in Canada that requires you to meet a minimum GPA each year (individually, not cumulative)? If so which one's, and what is the magic number? This may have already been answered but this forum is difficult to navigate. There really should be some sort of master resource....
  10. school that has a yearly minimum gpa requirement? UWO's is 3.7 right?
  11. Well Northern Ontario ignores the first and takes the second because the first doesn't appear as a grade, it appears as "N/A." So yea.....thanks for the advice everyone, especially soulja lol
  12. No trolling (I only have a few posts, thats cuz I just browsed the site during the year rather than posting anything). With a name like that you probably hate trolls lol. I know that I can't replace the mark, nor will it be eradicated. BUT, if I can truly (easily) get an A+ thru repeating, should I? Do the benefits gained for some schools outweigh the neutral situations if I don't. Thanks for the reply
  13. Need some advice. I want to start studying for the MCAT but need to get over this hurdle first. This past semester (Winter) I got a B+ in a 2nd year science course. Should I repeat it this summer? There are a few things to consider here, like: 0. I live in Ontario (remembered this last but, thought it should go first b/c Ontario schools are top on my list - this isn't me being cocky, just logical...sorry if I offended someone...) 1. The first attempt gets labelled "Blah or some other fancy thing" rather than "B+" 2. Does repeating it mean that the regular school year from Sep-Apr (in which it was first taken) won't count as a full year (meaning 10 courses, 5 and 5)? Some med Schools don't even require a full course load. 3. Do med schools even count summer grades? If not, will they take the first attempt or will it just be annihilated? 4. Is it worth it? This is a loaded question so allow me to elaborate: I have another B+ I got in the regular school year (Yea I'm pretty much failing. I feel like ****. I went from being atop of my high school academically, to falling behind and then short of the A, twice). 5. Some schools like UofT eliminate some grades. So do I want them to eliminate the B+'s or do I want them to eliminate A's to increase the number of A+'s??? The answer to this might be partially subjective.... 6. Assume I'd replace it with an A+ (so it would go from a 3.30 --> 4.00) 7. Some schools like Sask explicitly say that it is "not recommended I need answers to these questions for each school. I've been contacting schools about this and asking in a general way, but it gets overwhelming. Help answering these questions directly, and just straight up advice would be appreciated. Every time I make progress I end up getting hella depressed and blast some music....and end up leaving it. Peace
  14. What material did you use when studying the first time around? I'd say change that when u study this time. Not much more I can say, this will be my first summer studying for the MCAT. Good luck!
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