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  1. Consider other degrees aswell, Phys Pharm, Kin, Nutrition, sociology. Up to 2nd year the classes are the same, and then you go into the programs specifically, so take electives in each in the first two years to decide. Interest over gunning will get you higher marks with less stress.
  2. They will send an email with immunization information and documents. They will require you to fulfill the immunization requirements and get health services to sign it. Enjoy your summer for now, nothing to worry about. Most people do them, late into summer.
  3. The In-Province waitlist did move today. Cheers!
  4. There might be hope still, as med has in rare circumstances contacted late in April (early May). However, that is me being optimistic for you, more than likely your assumption is correct.
  5. References contacted definitely means you have passed the interview. COM does not waste time contacting references when individuals do not pass the minimum decile. Goodluck!
  6. Not sure, however, the OOP waitlist usually clears.
  7. there was another individual who got in after her. also, it did go into the bottom third 2 years ago, but just didn't clear. Anyone on the bottom of the waitlist, you may still have a chance!
  8. That is incorrect. Two years ago the waitlist did not clear, however it did make it to the middle. This past cycle, it did hit the bottom, however, did not fully clear. If you are on the waitlist, the odds are in your favor. Goodluck!
  9. Thought id create an actual post as the acceptances went out today. Congratulations to everyone accepted, and to those on the waitlist, goodluck!
  10. OOP waitlist is separate from IP. The number varies for the waitlist, however, the chances are high to get accepted off the waitlist (IP or OOP). Best of luck!
  11. Interview invites will probably be sent at the end of this week, or start of next.
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