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  1. for paying interest off though, you'll need to pay monthly. for example... if you borrow $10000 for a year, $10000 * 0.0475 = $475/yr, so $475/12 is $39.58/month just for the interest, unless you pay the principle off.
  2. i'm about to send in my final transcript. do you guys know if the transcript should also state the degree i was given, now that my convocation is over? or do i need to get my school to send in a copy of my degree or sth..? thx!!!
  3. i'll likely be in debt ater graduating from dentistry, but i do want to jump into a private practice right away. are banks willing to support a dentist in debt already? what are some cons to doing this right away? please share your wisdom! ANy help would be much appreciated, thanx!
  4. Hello Bella, how far is your place from the downtown campus? could u give us a bit of details about the place and the price range? thanks
  5. hey guys.. do any of you know when the entrance to graduate housing is around? i'm thinking it should be at the latest mid-august.. i'm not entirely sure whether i'd get offer of housing or not, but since i have applied early in sept and accepted thier offer super early (i'm an OOP, in dent) i think i might have a good chance. also, does anyone know the cost of graduate housing?? and if meal plans are also available to dent/med/grad students? (if there are any meal plans at McGill, that is...) thanks in advance guys!!
  6. Anyone plans to be there for the Open House event??
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