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  1. Yupp! I was asked for my parents tax information and rental agreement.
  2. I just found out I got the scholarship too, incase anyone else is still waiting to hear from Norma!
  3. Untrue if the OP is SWOMEN. I had a 9 VR and got in.
  4. Has anyone received any word on the Schulich Scholarship yet? Is it true that additional information is being requested for scholarship recipients?
  5. This is my first time applying for OSAP. I submitted my application at the end of May. It says it has processed but my income has yet to be determined. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  6. How do I go about obtaining this? I was approved for a LoC from Scotiabank but they require proof of enrollment.
  7. Thanks! I actually needed to know the tuition amount for my LoC application, not because I'm overly excited about dishing out $23 000.
  8. Does anyone know when our tuition amounts will be released?
  9. I got an email yesterday stating: "You are now a current student of the MD program of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry." I'm assuming this means our acceptance has been finalized?
  10. I'm not sure if this applies to anyone else here but I only received 2 Hep B shots in high school. I know we need to show proof that we've received 3 shots by August 15th. I have no issue getting the third shot done (will be doing this tomorrow) but will I also need to get an antibody titre done? Or will proof of 3 shots be enough? My doctor insists that an antibody titre is not necessary. Is he right about this?
  11. LOL! Sorry. That was not my intention. The building just isn't for me. Dimly-lit hallways.....musky smell.....iffy elevator.....definitely didn't look "newly-renovated" to me. Have you been in for a viewing yet?
  12. Just a heads up: I checked out this building today. According to the building manager, it's a 7 minute walk to campus. But this building is SUPER shady IMO. The hallways literally looked like something out of a horror movie. Needless to say, I won't be renting here.
  13. I'm a little confused. I filled out the Bursary Application (as part of the requirements for the Schulich Scholarship) and submitted it on April 2. I've already received an e-mail from Western informing me that I received an Admission Bursary. Is this a fluke or are you talking about another bursary?
  14. LOL! That is so funny! I've actually never seen that before. But it gives me something to look forward to at Schulich!
  15. Hi AtomSmasher19, I appreciate your thoughts but I don't entirely agree with what you're saying. Why would I have to commit solely to one thing? So you're saying that women who intend on having children have no place in medicine (or in the workplace for that matter)? I know plenty of women who are successful doctors and happy mothers all at the same time. Obviously, there are obstacles that would have to be dealt with such as finding a primary caretaker (whether that be a nanny, my husband, parents, etc.). But I don't believe a woman should be faced with this ultimatum that you're suggesting.
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