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  1. What would be in this file being passed around? Grades? Things pertinent to the courses ?
  2. So for us U of t people- casual clothes the first day? welcome breakfast, bell ringers, sponsor fair, lunch etc?
  3. haha this thread is hilarious. I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks guys!
  4. Thank you for your responses! I heard that hospitals do background checks on doctors including their credit rating, other employers do this as well. Perhaps I'm wrong about this then? I did not see a reason for them to check this but who knows...
  5. Hi everyone, Despite a few late payments that I had I easily obtained the 250 000 max for a line of credit since i'm going to be a med student, yay! I know that bad credit can not be removed for around 7 years...I am wondering if this will affect me as a resident in terms of finding a residency job...I know that quite a few people are in the same position. The bad credit was due to more of technical errors and nothing to do with being able to pay (no, I can not get it removed, the onus is still on me). If for the next four years I do not make any more mistakes could this be fixed?...
  6. I love the colour I think it looks fantastic.
  7. I used a thing called google and came across a post on here where someone said they were due in third year. That's why I'm asking this question. Not cool man. Show some respect. I don't talk down to anyone here.
  8. Hi everyone! I have two questions: 1. I heard carms apps are due in third year for those in a fourth year program. What is the rationale for this? Aren't people still updating their resume in their third year and part of fourth year? :s 2. How far back are you listing activities? I know for omsas I went all the way back to grade 8, but in carms, do people tend to focus on medical school stuff? Or do they put everything imaginable that they have done? Thank you
  9. WOW I can't believe this place actually exists!!! Here's a suggestion: volunteer somewhere where they actually appreciate you and not want to turn volunteering into slavery.
  10. Hi everyone I am at a crossroads. I need to decide whether I will pay my full tuition to dentistry or medicine at a canadian school this year. I love both. This is why this decision is so difficult for me. Medicine-I like learning all about the human body, it really fascinates me. Dentistry-autonomy, autonomy, autonomy! I am concerned about politics in medicine. Do residents, doctors, actually deal their entire lives with politics? I would really like to hear from you!
  11. For what it's worth my friend used this to cram for his american DAT and ended up with 24 bio and 26 chem. This kid had around a 60% in first year chem so this is definitely legit haha he said it is very close to the real test in terms of types of questions asked and also level of difficulty. good luck to everyone studying for the dat!
  12. Hey guys, Did we get a student ID? I don't recall a number being assigned to me. What do we write under that space? Do we just forward all of the forms (CPR, etc.) through e-mail? Or do we send it in through mail? Please help, thank you!
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