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  1. M4 here at USMD school. Throwing my 2 cents in. step 1: UFAP + Sketchy micro Step 2CK: Onlinemeded + annotated Uworld x 2, revisit sketchy micro. Reread the high yield section in FA for step 1 (my ck had a lot of step 1 type qs) Step 2CS: FA for CS. Uworld is also really good to practice writing notes. Read what is actually important for the exam and understand what they are looking for (eg. physical exam counts for the least, so dont spend too much time on it. Notes are huge, so practice. Order only initial tests for a problem, not full blown workup)
  2. http://www.internationalstudentinsurance.com/student-health-insurance/benefits.php?gclid=Cj0KEQjwnIm7BRDSs42KxLS8-6YBEiQAfDWP6M3c8mVOzk3w_AZPHABls_dGCgiOVaqKucRgyTMVi04aAotV8P8HAQ I use this. It is super cheap and it met all of my school's requirements. Don't buy it if u actually have a health condition which requires you to visit a physician often....
  3. Central Michigan University College of Medicine is Canadian friendly. I currently attend it with 3 other Canadians. (4 out of 104) The 3 other Canadians did some form of studying in USA, while I did my undergrad in Canada.
  4. Guess I figured out what to do for summer than. Let the cold-mailing begin.
  5. Is there a list of residency programs that offer H1B to Canadian students who are doing med school in USA? I am particularly interested in IM. Currently a first year in Michigan, and I really do not want to be on the J-1 Visa. Any suggestion / advice is appreciated.
  6. Hey, I would recommend applying to Michigan state uni for their DO program. I think you would make a good fit. They have a program where they recruit 20 Canadians each year to spread DO in to Canada. In terms of grades, you should be good too, since their application is a lot more holistic. In terms of ECs, you have similar ECs to ones I did. Only difference is, I didn't have the sports stuff / publications, but I did have experience shadowing a family physician. Usually, DO schools require you to shadow a DO physician. MSU does not have this requirement, though they do require some sort of shadowing / clinical experience. Otherwise, I know people who applied to other DO schools went across the border to shadow. Let me know if you have other questions, I applied to both MD and DO schools.
  7. Get rid of tulane. They don't accept Canadians unless they have strong ties. Waste of primary and secondary money. I should have listened when people told me likewise. In regards to requirements to some of these schools, make sure u double check. I know for some US schools, they required like 2.5 credits (5 courses) in social sciences or some nonsense like that. Some schools require that you have a LOR from a MD, and if you haven't shadowed, then you probably won't have one. Get a LOR from someone who you know a lot. I got one from 2 profs and 1 employer who have known me and whom I have worked with for 2+ years.
  8. Cycle: 2014-2015 cGPA: 3.87 sGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 34 Applied to about 14 Allopathic Schools and 1 DO school. Interviewed: Central Michigan University (M.D.), University of Kentucky (MD), Michigan State University (DO) Waitlist: University of Kentucky Accepted: Central Michigan Uni, Michigan State Uni
  9. So I was told that if I attend a medschool in USA that isn't older than 10 years, I will not be able to: 1) Qualify for a residency program in Canada 2) Be able to practice in Canada at any point in my career (even if I complete equivalent residency in the USA) as I won't qualify for licensure. Is any of this true, or is it speculation? Any useful resources for this type of information?
  10. is there any way for you to know when OMSAS gets the references?
  11. Ya, I am Canadian, but was curious if we required any proof of that sort. Who knows what they may ask for, so just wanted to be on the safe side. So Ill just print out a copy of the email they sent me?
  12. I have a question regarding what to bring when crossing the boarder from Canada to USA to go for an interview. Do they require some sort of proof that you have an interview? Anything specific I should print out? Thank you!
  13. Another question, which category would shadowing go under? Other? If so, it wont let me talk about my experience.
  14. So under research, I would put that I was certified for a lab safety training?
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