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  1. Honestly, these are the success stores that make people like me, and Im sure others not give up! Thank you for sharing this with me! I got into my Masters (so happy, excited to conduct research), and I will write my MCAT this summer. We shall see how the future pans out. But, I will not give up!
  2. My 1st and 2nd year are lower. I actually got accepted into my Masters, as it is something that I wanted to do, since I am interested in research! I am going to write my MCAT this summer, and hopefully score well. I will see what happens after my Masters!
  3. I am writing my MCAT this summer, I was planning on applying to medical school in October. I now, dont see the point. Perhaps I will have to look at going overseas. Which is something, I really didnt want to do.
  4. Slightly feeling defeated. I decided to take a 5th year to help boost my GPA. Took a class, that did not help me at all, but lowered my GPA. Anyways, I was hoping to get a 3.7 or higher in my 5th year in order to have a chance at Wester, Queens, Dal, Mcmasters. But, I think my GPA will be under. 3rd yr. 3.53 4th yr. 3.80 5th yr. 3.64 I applied to masters but have not herd back from any schools thus far. What to do not?
  5. Has anyone herd back from U of T MPH Epi program or MSc. Epi at Western yet??
  6. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone that has been in the program or heard about the program could shed some light about the MSc. in Epi at Western. What is a week as a Epi Masters student like? How is the program itself, etc.
  7. Okay, thank you. Yes, I will make sure to let them know outright.
  8. Okay perfect, thank you! Thats awesome, good luck to you as well
  9. Hi, I'm applying to masters programs and in the section that I talk about my career goals, I mention that my goal is to pair my masters with an MD. This shouldn't hurt my application right? -Applying to Masters in Epidemiology
  10. Hi, Has anyone used the Khan Academy passages? If so, are they worth doing them before using other companies practice material? ex. EK 1001 Qs and Kaplan old MCAT practice exams?
  11. Okay, I will! Thank you for the advice.
  12. I have been using EK and going through the books, each chapter has a practice test at the end, which Ive been doing. They are just short 30min tests, as well within each chapter they have practice questions.
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