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  1. I'm in a similar situation as OP. After graduating, I've only really been continuing to do the same activities I did during undergrad. Of course I've been investing more hours now that I don't go to school anymore but should I include the things I've *continued with* for as many as 6 to 17 years?
  2. The location was subject to demand and my email from OzTrekk confirms it will take place in Toronto. I haven't gotten any info other than the city and time though...
  3. I just received an interview invitation from UWA taking place this Thursday. Does anyone know what to expect in terms of format, location, etc.? Feel free to PM me and good luck to those attending!
  4. Bio - seemed OK Chem - went much better than Nov 2016. I had time to review at the end and changed some answers. PAT - wasn't confident about keyholes and angles esp. I did better on the last DAT. RC - first and third passages took the most time and I had to guess a lot for the last one due to lack of time. The only reason I rewrote was due to my previous chem score so I think I'm finally satisfied (although we'll see in about 2 months)!
  5. I underestimated the detail that would be asked for bio and thus don't feel like I prepared well enough. I finished PAT and RCT early despite not practicing RCT once prior to today. Oh well... I know what I need to spend more time on for Feb!
  6. Thank you for all of your input and well wishes, it means a lot!
  7. I think this would be similar to med schools (please correct me if I'm wrong), where a long term commitment looks better than something I did in a month or two. Regardless, I've already been looking for some summer positions! Tie this in with studying for the DAT and I have myself a planned summer haha. As for my study habits, I think at some point during this year I realized I wasn't achieving those 90's so I wondered whether it was even possible to correct my current GPA to something acceptable. I guess no one is without hardships and the more I review my options, the more hopeful I become
  8. I agree that any dentist should be well-rounded but I was under the impression that most Canadian applicants just put all of their time and energy into getting a high GPA, while disregarding shadowing, volunteering etc. since it's not a requirement. I don't hear about ECs on these forums very often. And I guess I've seen a trend among my peers to drop down to 4 courses/semester so I thought it made a big difference. Of course if it does, I could use all the help I can get, but if it doesn't, like you say, I wouldn't mind taking 5. This is why I'm asking for opinions.
  9. Hi everyone. As the title describes, I am finishing up my 2nd year. As of now, my grades are not competitive for Canadian dental schools (3.5), so my next resort is to apply to the US. I am, however, afraid to close off any doors to Canadian schools if I begin to take an approach geared towards US schools, such as shadowing and not showing such emphasis on getting a near-perfect GPA. This also ties into me taking a non-full course load to help improve my GPA and focus on ECs, but facing a penalty for that sliver of a chance I might have at UWO. I understand this can completely depend on my work ethic for the next 1+ year(s). Based on the odds, I am hoping to hear if you guys have an opinion or have been in my shoes. Thanks.
  10. You've probably already called and asked them about your physiology course, but if you haven't, I'd recommend doing so. The pdf file from their website with the equivalent courses mentions at the top that there are other courses not listed which fulfill the pre req. My professor insisted on finding out whether the course I am taking was accepted by the school so I'm just waiting for his reply.
  11. This might be a question for all residencies in general, but if a specific procedure isn't learned during the program, how would one become familiar with it? Is that what a fellowship is for?
  12. Hey, did anyone attend the UTPDS American Dental Schools Seminar at UofT last night? What was something new that you learned/found interesting? I wasn't able to attend.
  13. Hello, I'm looking over some volunteer/research opportunities for the summer and am seeing the term "undergraduate dental students". Are they referring to a pre-dent in undergrad like myself, or to a student currently in dental school but before a specialty program? Thank you.
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