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  1. Anyone else match to Dal from out of province ?
  2. So full disclosure I still have to take LMCC, but i took step 2 and found onlinemeded.org really helpful (just the free videos)
  3. USMD here going through CARMS and NRMP (feel free to message me questions, cause its a pain to navigate on your own) 1) Dont trust the stats as people have said many applicants only want specific schools so their CARMS ROL may only be 2 long! 2) You have to make sure you tell both systems you are registered in the other and they will make sure you only get 1 match 3) Many USMDs apply to family but I know an equal number who didn't and still match in CARMS (I even know a few rads), just make sure you are doing electives in Canada. Electives don't guarantee you interviews at that school but you need strong Canadian letters to get interviews (these tend to be regional Ontario letters = Ontario and Atlantic interviews, Man, AB, Sask and UBC, tend to get interviews in west of Ontario. N.B. the sample size on this is small). I also know some pediatric residents from well known US schools who did no electives in Canada.
  4. I meant the platform wasnt listing those schools under interviews offered or the not offering groups for me so wanted to see what was up
  5. Has anyone heard from IM at UofA or UofM
  6. Anyone else want a Feb 2 interview as I would be partial to changing mine
  7. I have Jan19 and could potentially trade with someone for another day except the 25th
  8. I have a full set of KAPLAN MCAT books copyright 2010 all in good condition (barely used but there is some minor highlighting) includes: Bio, Orgo, Gen Chem, Physics, and Verbal If you want I also have a large book of practice questions from Princeton (2006) and the Kaplan Lesson book $50 for the set (OBO) just send me a message (will sell individual books if you only want specific ones) Please note I am moving June 13th so I need to move them fast
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