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  1. I handed one in just in case but I totally agree with you, there is no way this could be used as a deciding factor. It just seems so odd not to make this a mandatory admission requirement though.
  2. If the pharmacy consultation form is not required, how does it factor into the admission process?
  3. Hi Hades, I'm sorry to hear that I am NOT 100% sure but I don't think that you can retake a class if you scored above 60. Is there a higher level course that you could take that has this class as a pre-req?
  4. Hi Tracy, I know this is super late but thank you so much for your advice. I gave it a try and it's really interesting!
  5. Hello, I just wrote my first PHPY exam today and do not feel good about it. I was wondering if any of you have some studying tips to offer? I thought I was prepared but really struggled with remembering specific details about certain slides. I know it would be best if I could just memorize everything but with the amount of material covered, this seems overwhelming. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. I just got the letter and its a no for me. I'm pretty devastated. Good luck everyone!
  7. Hey Tintin89, thanks so much for sharing. This helps ease the anxiety a bit! It seems like most people who were admitted were emailed Monday though but fingers crossed! I haven't heard back from them yet and my online application still says "complete ready for review".
  8. Congrats Snooopy! Were you an in province applicant? I haven't heard back yet so I am super anxious!
  9. Sorry but I don't know anything about OOP! This is my first year applying!
  10. Hello! I applied this year and am anxiously waiting a reply. Has anyone heard anything yet? I keep checking my online application but it only says "Complete, ready for review". Best of luck to you!
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