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  1. freewheeler

    Shadowing Experiance

    Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you've found some benefit in my perspective over the years. Realistically something in allied health, though journalism, business, or project management would have been preferable. Anything outside of healthcare being best. Good luck with your application.
  2. freewheeler

    From journalist to doctor?

    I meant why medicine
  3. freewheeler

    FM in Canada Vs USA

    Are you even in medicine or just a premed?
  4. Don't expect interviewers to be understanding or nuanced in their view of you. They will likely think you're damaged goods and move your application to the bottom of the pile. Empathy is only lip service in medicine.
  5. freewheeler

    Water bottle

    You can take it into the room with you along with your notepad/pencil that they give you, or you can leave the water bottle on the floor outside the room and then grab it when you leave before going to the next room.
  6. freewheeler

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Talk to your UME in person. Hard to know for sure as of course none of us were there to observe you/your staff on the elective, but it sounds like you just got screwed over by a staff who while they acknowledged your station in your medical training, hit the deficiencies button when honestly at your stage the expectations have to be pretty low. Subspecialists can be pretty out of touch with that stuff, especially if not at your particular home program. Just learn what you can from this experience, and if nothing else it gives you something to talk about when CaRMS interviews roll around and pretty much every program will ask you to tell them about a time you encountered some sort of difficulty or conflict during clerkship or how you deal with negative feedback. CaRMS is such a blackbox with its subjectivity and inherent randomness it is difficult to say for sure what impact it will have on your application or how different programs may receive it, but honestly just keep shooting for whatever it is you want to do. You'll graduate and match to something somewhere as long as you don't accumulate many performance deficiencies. Also keep in mind that on your MSPR it will only include comments from the ITER that are labelled as being on the MSPR and the last radio button selection of satisfactory/unsatisfactory, etc. not the entire thing.
  7. freewheeler

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Was there an attempt at the start of the elective to explicitly clarify expectations and inform them of where you are at in your education--ex. just started clerkship?
  8. Don't go to medical school
  9. freewheeler

    Preparing meals in med school

    Accept the weight gain and hospital vending machines at 3 am when there's nothing else available if you didn't pack anything.
  10. freewheeler

    Family medicine subspecialties

    Procedures I am aware of rural family physicians in Canada performing (either US trained or Canadian trained with a +1 in surgery): Open inguinal and umbilical hernia repair Venous stripping Tubal ligation Vasectomy Lipoma excision Cesarean section Open spermatocele excision Colonoscopy Gastroscopy Dilation and currettage Insertion of IUD under GA Circumcision under GA for older patient Have not heard of FM docs doing hair transplants, I think there was a story of a FM doing a liposuction in the mid to late 2000s and the patient died so I don't know if that is even still a thing. I think you'd get better training if you're dead set on being a rural family physician with an interest in surgical procedures if you train in the US in a midsized centre where FM docs run the hospital. Do your 3 years there and then come back to Canada to practice in a rural setting. If you want to do additional surgical training in Canada you often need to have a rural town in need of a GP surgeon vouch for you as part of your application to the +1 training program, but then you are still beholden to the provincial health authority as to whether you are even given privileges to practice as a GP surgeon. A lot of the above procedures however are a routine component or more easily accessible afaik in a US FM residency whereas they would not be routine in a 2 year FM residency in Canada.
  11. freewheeler

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    I wouldn't bother joining that site. We could just make a sticky thread on this forum and it could serve the same function with a google doc to help organise a list of posters interested in swapping with current location/program and that desired. Users could private message each other on this site or use temporary email accounts.
  12. freewheeler

    Ontario FM more competitive this cycle?

    It will be really interesting when the stats for this carms cycle come out. A lot of people seemed to match outside of their top 3 choices. While the absolute number of unmatched cmgs went down this year, anecdotally I feel many more people matched lower down their rank list.
  13. freewheeler

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Honestly, no idea. I think in these situations your UME office and deans/advisors who have helped students in similar predicaments in the past may be your best resource.