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  1. Yes it's not uncommon
  2. freewheeler

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    Nah, med school would just give you a new set of problems: adjusting to the workload/volume of information, new professional role, surrounded by Type A personalities, trying to develop clinical acumen and procedural skills, constant evaluations, BS mandatory learning events, adjusting to the unique expectations of each preceptor you work with, all the while trying to figure out what specialty to pursue and crafting a competitive application for it. Medicine won't make you happy. "Pre-meds" in general, need to understand that. If you regret taking it, why continue? There are no brownie points given for taking sh#t courses that you hate and are struggling in when the admissions committee reviews your file. At the end of the day: GPA >> MCAT > ECs. From the little you've shared here, it sounds like you've already taken a lot of the reasonable first steps when trying to remediate the issue at hand with your lab performance. There may be a few other suggestions above that you haven't yet exhausted that you could try. Otherwise, there's not much else people on an online forum can do to help you, unless someone is willing to tutor you individually.
  3. freewheeler

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    Dude chill out. You sound miserable, even if you got into medicine it wouldn't change that. Why are you taking all of these courses you are struggling in? If its not a prerequisite for med apps you don't need to take it. If its for your degree, then switch majors into something you are better at. Otherwise just stick it out and continue to try your best.
  4. freewheeler

    Am I screwed now?

    Just do your best and see where the chips land
  5. freewheeler

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    Go to your prof's office hours? Peer study group to get other students' perspectives on how they're approaching or interpreting those questions? Drop those courses and switch majors?
  6. Is there anything else you would consider doing instead of medicine?
  7. freewheeler

    This Is Insane

    Literally need zero research experience to matriculate into a Canadian medical school. Don't sweat it.
  8. If you can get in-province status for uCalgary then that would be a good option. They are generally much more non-trad friendly and would love a candidate with your experience. Look into their application requirements.
  9. freewheeler

    Competitive Matching

    I would suggest it for the summer breaks.
  10. freewheeler

    Competitive Matching

    Go to a 4 year school where you have family and friends outside of medicine. /thread
  11. freewheeler

    Brief Personal Essays Scoring

    Best to let this thread die. Focus on what you can change at this time, let go of what has been done.
  12. freewheeler

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    Perhaps negotiations would proceed more amicably after a joint..
  13. freewheeler

    How to do well on clerkship?

    Students often worry about their level of knowledge prior to clerkship and are eager to try and read as much as possible in order to "succeed." Clerkship in my experience is a lot more about developing your diagnostic thinking, approach to common presentations, and ability to formulate appropriate management plans. A significant portion of it also comes down to doing your preceptors' work: ex. writing referral letters, admission orders, discharge summaries, dictations, etc. and doing it correctly. It really comes down to showing up on time, trying your best, and being respectful towards everyone you encounter. It can be very anxiety-provoking as you are often trying to adjust to different preceptor expectations, figure out different wards, etc. but as long as you do the aforementioned things, you'll be good and just need to trust in yourself and the process. Clerkship is one of those things where you "just have to go through the fire" so to speak, but it really isn't that bad. There are many times where it sucks @ss, but you will survive it. Definitely do your best to remain connected to activities that promote your personal well-being, and to spend time with family/friends, especially people outside of medicine. -- 1. How did you review/ study? Read inbetween cases when possible. Do some reading at night time/energy permitting. Case files is really helpful. 2. How to perform well in clerkship? See above. 3. How to be a good clerk? See above.