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  1. There are some potential ideas in this thread, but I think the most honest answer is that the day-to-day clinical practice of medicine does not involve much creativity. It's really pattern recognition and regurgitation of the most recent clinical guidelines.
  2. Be ready for any type of question in the panel interview. Same as MMI with regards to trying not to ramble too much. Can be more stressful than an MMI as you are sitting with the same 3 people for 40ish minutes instead of having an opportunity to reset between stations. Practicing relaxation strategies to manage interview day nerves well ahead of your interview is helpful, so that when you need them they are accessible.
  3. freewheeler

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    I think there's an obgyn CaRMS 2019 Facebook group which may be helpful.
  4. freewheeler

    Radiology as a backup...?

    Its already been happening with the rise of "Dr. Google" and patients emphatically informing you that they "did their research" on intervention "x, y, or z" in the primary care setting (especially), but also to a lesser extent in the specialist clinic. Shared decision making is great. Greater access to information (read: the internet) is great. Patients educating themselves on their condition(s) and treatment options is great. Engaging with patients reading unscientific internet sources and reaching inflexible conclusions on treatment options, or causing themselves unnecessary anxiety through googling symptoms for which they do not possess the training to differentiate or put into the proper context is...less than satisfying. Anecdotally, you definitely notice a difference in how patients interact with their primary care provider as compared to the medical or surgical specialist for who they have often had to wait a considerable amount of time to see or whose services they have had to advocate for.
  5. freewheeler

    PHPM Electives

    Would not recommend.
  6. freewheeler

    need advice as a US undergrad

    Not much to do other than keep your grades as high as possible and score a killer MCAT. ECs and LORs come afterwards in importance as those are relatively easier to improve over time whereas a poor GPA and MCAT can sink you. For your ECs you don't need anything miraculous but rather just need to reflect the CANMEDs roles in your extracurricular experiences. Voluntourism, research, and hospital volunteering are not required so don't sweat those if they don't interest you. Look at the IP admission stats for UBC for a better idea. At the Albertan med schools an A=A+ so you may actually have a 4.0 there if you have all A's and their conversion hasn't changed. See the uCalgary application manual for the conversion chart. Look into the omsas conversion factor for the Ontario schools. I wouldn't transfer to a Canadian uni if you're doing well and have a good support network where you are.
  7. With interview clothing I think at best it is a non-distraction and at worst it stands out for unfavourable reasons. Your choice of wardrobe isn't going to really affect your interview score in a significant manner and would be difficult to quantify. Personally I think wearing something other than the traditional black/navy/charcoal is fine, as long as it is in good taste, and you don't pair it with any other prints/patterns that would be over-the-top. A nice burgundy wouldn't be a bad thing. I'd probably leave the taupe or dark purple to other occasions.
  8. freewheeler

    FM Interview Social Attire

    My understanding is that FM interviews tend to be more informal compared to the rest of medicine. Meaning that you wouldn't wear a suit, but something professional and neat: dress shirt +/- cardigan with dress pants/nice jeans. I would think it would be the same for a FM social.
  9. freewheeler

    What do you think about this blog?

    Yeah. I find the variety of presentations to FM clinic to make standardising workflow relatively difficult as well. Oftentimes patients book for one issue but something else more medically pressing may arise. Really for myself I don't think FM would be a sustainable career choice. There are a lot of expectations on family physicians and with comparatively poor remuneration that has you running between examination rooms day in and day out, I would hate to be looking toward a multi-decade career in that.
  10. freewheeler

    What do you think about this blog?

    As mentioned above, it is possible to do so, but IMO I'd never want to actually see ++ pts per day. FM clinic is quite monotonous. Hats off to those who can stomach it and not dread going in everyday.
  11. Dude, as long as you're passing your evaluations and no one has anything terrible to say about you, you're good to go. Don't sweat it.
  12. freewheeler

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    No idea to be honest, but I would think if they're interviewing you in French you should at least be conversational.
  13. freewheeler

    Importance Of Mspr

    Yes and yes.
  14. You don't need it. I read maybe one or two chapters of it. Search up university of Washington medical bioethics if you want to read up on that stuff. Not a big deal on my experience. Did not apply to UBC however.
  15. Your options are to match family in first round, match whatever 5 year program in second round or withdraw and reapply next year. Should probably talk with your school's advising office. They'll likely push you to match FM first round. Definitely try to contact the programs and get a better sense of what may have gone on with your application.