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  1. freewheeler

    CBD Clinic

    Include it if it is a meaningful experience but don't plaster cannabis all over the abs entry.
  2. freewheeler

    Calgary vs McMaster Med School

    Go to Mac if you have social supports there.
  3. I refuse to read that wall of text. If you're a premed, don't pursue medicine if there are other more enticing options for you. If you're in med school, grind out the MD.
  4. Go where social supports will be best. GPA >> MCAT > ECs Pursue a degree you are interested in and keep an open mind.
  5. With respect to the shortage of FM physicians I think that has more to do with geographic distribution of physicians than the absolute number. To take your point a step further I think that if they really want to make headway it would make sense to recruit more students from rural backgrounds to medical school. Efforts towards reducing (but not eliminating) the disparity of earning potential between medical disciplines should also assist in driving more students into FM. The challenge from that point is having people actually practice full-scope primary care instead of a niche practice.
  6. freewheeler

    Why study pharmacy?

    Not too sure what being a hospital pharmacist would be like other than limited interactions with them on a few inpatient rotations as part of the care team but they seemed pretty chill, went home before I did and didn't seem like they hated what they did.
  7. freewheeler

    NP vs. FP

    FM isn't going anywhere. Do whatever you want.
  8. freewheeler

    McGill and Calgary First Iteration?

    Anecdotally there seemed to be quite a bit of regional bias this year, as speaking with people I think a lot of programs absorbed students from their own schools/provinces this year. As for another consideration, I think as far as 3 year schools go, Mac is much better positioned geographically with its proximity to so many other schools.
  9. freewheeler

    Doug Ford to cap OHIP-covered psychotherapy

    I don't like provincial governments trying to create further division among and within specialties.
  10. freewheeler

    Psychopharmacology Apps

    Congrats on the transfer. Not a psychiatrist, but from what I've heard the residents tend to look to Stahl's or Maudsley's for psychopharmacology. The medscape app can be good if you're just looking for what starting dosages are and how to titrate them up.
  11. freewheeler

    What to do next?

    Stats and ECs are adequate for admission. Would probably benefit from a review of how you're writing about your experiences in your applications. Go to your university career centre and sit down to do a review. Essentially highlight the applicability of your experiences to the canmeds roles and try to quantify your impact in your experiences where possible. That should be enough. Keep building ECs around canmeds roles in the meantime. I wouldn't move anywhere but if you did Alberta would likely be your best bet.
  12. freewheeler

    How do you deal with a bad break up?

    420 blaze it
  13. That's normal because in preclerkship you're not using any of that info. You'll be surprised at how much you remember when you're in clerkship and the process of clerkship will facilitate further consolidation through experience. Medicine is a process of learning, forgetting and then re-learning. The most useful thing in clerkship would be to have an approach to common clinical presentations, that involves having a working differential and being able to tailor your history and physical around it. Case files can be helpful to practice the above process prior to clerkship as you can simulate thinking through the vignettes and the books generally contain the common clinical presentations and high yield stuff for clerkship exams. But really getting 'good at medicine' is a function of time, assuming you are putting forth requisite effort and accrue an adequate range of clinical experience.
  14. No accommodations or request for deferral of exam or to have the result waived?
  15. Honestly carms is about having a decent enough app that you get selected for an interview. After that it's really about whether they like you enough to take you on for the next 5 years. If you do an elective there and really click with people that have input into the ranking decisions that's probably the most beneficial thing, other than that, you better really get along with all of the residents and be very affable, sociable, and smiling the entire interview day. Apply broadly and attend all interviews if you want something really competitive.