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  1. so those of you guys getting fm/em interviews what (if any) seems to be the criteria? research, ECs, electives, awards? anything in particular you wish you coulda done more of to help your chances?
  2. i'm planning to write it after 2nd year. most people seem to do it during residency in canada (but regret not having it gotten over with in 2nd year summer). i think it's too early to be thinking about it in 1st year.
  3. Hello I am interested in a surgical subspecialty.. I am fairly certain I want to do it. Hence I have applied to do all six weeks of my third year electives in it in various locations a bit aways from my home school.. I'm planning to rotate at my home school and schools closer to me in 4th year when I have more experience.. Am I rushing the process? I mean I will end up halfway across the country to do electives when I am just starting out third year. The reason for my haste is that there's a substantial chance I'll only have 2 weeks of electives before carms application are due, and if I want all my letters to come from surgeons in this subspecialty, I need to do two electives in it this year at least (and hope to put in a stellar performance on each one). How many schools do people wanting subspecialty surgeries usually rotate through?
  4. Can you reapply for a +1 later on if you fail to get in right after pgy-2? Is that frowned upon?
  5. It seems like a sizable portion of posters on this forum who have been waitlisted do end up getting accepted -- either that year or in 2-3 cycles. However, the process has no memory and your performance one year doesn't indicate anything about how you'll do next year. You can be waitlisted one year and not have an interview the next, or be rejected outright post-interview. I have a feeling that a lot of waitlisters from last year are going to get burned, because the applicant pool has just gotten way too competitive in one year.
  6. 3. waitlist subject: UofA Alternate List to MD Program Dear Unlucky Applicant, We are unable to make a final decision on your application at this time. The Admissions Committee has placed your name on a list of Alternate candidates. This means that in the event an accepted student declines their offer of admission, a position will then be offered to a student on the Alternate list. Refer to the attached document for further information on the Alternate list process. Documents have been sent out in today’s mail to your address listed in Bear Tracks which requires your response to us by May 31, 2013 as to whether you wish to remain on the Alternate list. Sincerely, MD Admissions Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry University of Alberta
  7. It seems to be that there's a subclass of applicants who get over the cut off for the interview every year but can't get beyond that. I would think that this happens in the Western schools, where being IP can get you an invite much more easily, than in the Ontario schools. How can people who've been interviewed 3-4+ times work to improve? After interviewing for a couple of years in a row, should they just move on or keep at it so long as they're getting interviewed?
  8. This might be to control the fact that GPA/MCATs are getting to the upper end of ridiculous. The average just to get an interview this year was 3.87 and a 33 I believe! I think they might've made the decision to pull back on the 'numbers' focus after becoming aware of this year's unusually competitive stats.
  9. same number of people so it's a strange jump.
  10. It's disheartening to see such a huge spike. The average accepted will probably be low to mid 3.9s.
  11. It's really weird that no one is posting the interim stats for IP.
  12. hopefully they'll send rejection letters with the stats soon...so we can get prepare for next year.
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