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  1. Does anyone in Edmonton know of a decent advisor for Scotiabank and TD that I could talk to regarding LOCs? Despite having called ahead and specifically asked to speak to individuals who have helped medical students with line of credits in the past, I have had two meetings with different people at different branches at both banks who had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. This has left me considering taking RBCs offer despite the fact that I don't have a lot of trust for them. Please PM me. Appreciated
  2. New Examcrackers set (5 subject books) and Princeton review (comprehensive review) with 4 online practice tests (opened but not used, good for 1 year still). Paid $320 for both together will sell for $220 together or $200 for EK, and $30 for Princeton. I'm in Edmonton but will be in Calgary this weekend and Saskatoon the weekend after. Will mail but will ask you to cover part of shipping costs.
  3. Accepted off waitlist. Time stamp: 9:29 AM B.Sc conferred GPA: 3.86 MCAT: 33 ECs: a few long term very involved positions, three years of undergraduate research, part time jobs.. Interview: great for 6/8. The other 2 were kind of awkward, came off pretty strong. ​Was on wait list last year and didn't get in. GL to everyone still on and don't give up!
  4. I'm in the same situation where I've been accepted into a course based masters but am on wait lists. I have accepted the masters but I also had a meeting with my advisor to let them know that I am on the wait list. They were very understanding of it and have actually been looking at helping me finish the course based masters quicker than the timeline so I can apply next year. I think it is just a matter of being honest with your supervisor/advisor and they will be understanding. That said, I also know of someone who asked to extend the deadline to accept, like doc5 said. But you could be on the wait list from now until September. So if you do maybe ask for a mid-/late- June deadline. Just let the know when you are going to be responding to their offer so they can anticipate if they should be contacting others for the program. "
  5. Well, let's hope they haven't all gone out yet for whatever reason.
  6. Thought I'd share for the first time. TIME STAMP: 8:54 AM MST May 12 Result: Wait list Interview Date: April 18 GPA: 3.86 MCAT: 13BS/10VR/10PS Geography: OOP Year: 1 year out of undergrad Essays: Didn't spend a lot of time on them but I felt that they were pretty good. ECs: Above average I'd say - lots, varied, and big long term commitments. Interview: Felt great about all of them coming out but upon reflection it may have been my worst interview this year. I have also been wait listed at other schools I had interviews at. It should make me optimistic, but I was wait listed last year and never got the call. I guess it is time to start studying for the new MCAT. After being rejected off wait lists in 2014 I had a really difficult year and I struggled with applying again because I knew how much it hurt to see a lot of my friends move on into med school and not being given that chance. But I am really happy that I did reapply. I got a lot more interviews this time around even though it didn't work out the way I wanted to. AND I got to go to Ontario for the first time in my life which, for this prairie girl, was a great experience. While the premed life is an emotionally difficult one I have at least learnt over the past year that I am the only one who will judge myself for not getting in, that we really are our own worst enemies in this process. I think that I'm a stronger person right now and I know that this coming year will be better regardless of whether or not I get in off wait list. I hope everyone who got a rejection or wait list will be able to eventually see that they are still amazing people. Congratulations to everyone who got in to UofT (and anywhere else) and I hope I can join you guys this year. If not, I hope to see you while you volunteer at interviews next year! And to everyone who got rejected or is on wait list, I feel you. <3 And... I should get back to lab work.
  7. Hey guys I am really hoping to get some advice here. I am wanting to apply to most of the western schools (UBC, UofA, UofC, UofS) as well as McMaster and McGill. As an Alberta resident I've sort of written off getting into UBC, McMaster or McGill but I've always wanted to go to those schools so I wanted to try anyways. My GPA break down: 1st year: 3.87 2nd year: 3.81 3rd year: 3.86 4th year: ??? I wrote my MCAT twice 1st: 7, 11, 14, T 2nd: 10, 10, 13 (no more writing section ) As you can see PS is kind of my downfall and so I worked my ass off to raise that score but sort of sacrified even better scores in other sections. My GPA is littered with A-s, with my worst mark has been a B+ in second year. I've been doing research for the past two years, am in an honors program, and have done a lot of small volunteering/fundraising sort of things (organizing Relay for Life, Cancer Awareness, literacy programs, science camps, domestic violence awareness,...). I didn't have much time to do a lot of larger projects as I have been involved in student governance at my university (~40-50 hrs/week) since my second year. Also have been selling art on the side. Basically wondering what my chances of grabbing an interview are and if it would be worth writing MCAT again as I'm currently registered in an August writing date. Thanks in advance.
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