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  1. I'm logged in just fine!
  2. Just rechecked the email, I think you're right! Looks like we'll have to check SOLUS to know!
  3. When did they say this? I thought it was still over email. Although i'm hoping for another SOLUS mix up where the results are available for like 15 minutes the day before (aka today). I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that this has happened the past few years.
  4. damha

    Memes For Destressing

    So many assignments due and I am literally useless Why can't it be tomorrow morning instead?! It would be nice to wake up to news instead of having to try and go about my day lol
  5. damha

    Different Decision Codes?

    So basically between 1:30-5:00 pm on monday refresh minerva nonstop....
  6. damha

    Different Decision Codes?

    Isn't it possible that their reason for the closure "in order to process decisions for the MDCM program" means that they're going to be updating minerva accounts with their decisions? Thats what it sounds like to me!!! Because it seems like they're still going to be in the office working, just closing it off to the public.
  7. damha

    Different Decision Codes?

    Did those survey emails that just got sent out freak anyone else out...?
  8. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    Does anyone know if there have been any offers sent today off the waitlist? Its too quiet on here! lol
  9. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    Good luck everyone, today may be the day for some of us!
  10. damha

    Waitlist Movement?

    In the past it seems like Ottawa has major movement starting the day after the deadline (tomorrow), and Western doesn't seem to show any movement until the Friday after the deadline (this Friday)!
  11. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    Hmm, I have a feeling that each interviewer assigns us a score using the 4, 3.5, 3.0 etc... scale. And from there the average of that is our interview score. Because that would further distinguish applicants and also prevent arguments between the interviewers because if one felt an applicant deserved one score vs. another. I used to think it was just straight 4, 3.5 etc but I think that leaves too much risk of many people being in the same interview score pool! OR they may even go to your ABS and see who had a better score on that? WHO KNOWS! lol So much speculation it hurts! lol
  12. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    Thanks!! I'm rooting for everyone too!! Wow I'm nervous lol
  13. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    That would actually be too good to be true! I hope its no coincidence my wGPA is also 3.97 haha only time will tell if you're right though! I know i'm probably not going to be on the forums much starting tomorrow! But if I somehow get good news then I will be sure to post! I know having people post their wGPA's is really helpful for all those waitlisted!
  14. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    At first I started to doubt my interview when I got waitlisted, but after thinking back I still wouldn't change anything I said! I still think I did the absolute best I could so whatever happens happens I guess!! At least I know I gave it my all.
  15. damha

    Waitlisters Unite

    Hahha I relate to this so much. The nightmares have only gotten worse!