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  1. skyuppercutt

    Studying to be a good clerk

    Show up on time. Really the only way I felt that helped prepare me for clerkship was shadowing lots of doctors. I did a lot of surgery shadowing and by the time I started, I was very very comfortable in the OR whereas some of my classmates had never stepped in the OR. Just an example in surg, but if you do it in other specialities it'll be good too
  2. Hey, Just sent you a pm!
  3. I've thought about that a lot too. I'm not sure if there is evidence for it, but from my experience, I can say that if the patient looks like they're in pain from their facial expressions and they get morphine their expression changes. I have also thought about, what if all these things we do that are commonly found on a palliative care order set are just things we do to make ourselves and the patient's family feel better. Who knows right? How would one study something like this too? When patients are in their last moments of life when you would use stuff like scopolamine etc they tend to be nonverbal anyways...
  4. skyuppercutt

    FM Interview Social Attire

    While I heard that they tend to be more informal compared to the rest of medicine too; that was definitely not my experience when I interviewed for family med last year. When I interviewed, almost everyone wore a suit and tie (for men) or formal wear for women. There were a couple of people who were more casual, but for the vast majority of people >95% were dressed formally. I would not recommend dressing casually to the interview, YOU WILL STAND OUT For the social, I wore dark pants and a cardigan. It would be okay to wear jeans for the social too and some people did, which was fine. I prefer dressing a little more formal and so stuck with dark pants (or dark wash jeans). Definitely try to go to the queens family med social if you get an interview there. It was amazing!
  5. skyuppercutt

    Quality of CCFP-EM programs across Canada

    Hahaha, pretty much this right here. You should apply everywhere and hope that ANYONE takes you. If there's somewhere you don't want to go, just don't apply there. Just know that you're most likely not going to match. Everyone who applies thinks they're in the top 10%, but good luck anyways!
  6. skyuppercutt

    Online Master's Degrees

    I've actually been thinking about doing this as well, but then someone I spoke to asked me "why" I wanted to do a masters degree? Is it for the sake of doing another degree or do I actually want to do something with the degree i.e. masters in education because you want to work in an academic centre vs mba because you want to do management stuff etc. Definitely something to think about before you go ahead and do one, because it obviously will take a lot of time and money. Also, would be worthwhile to know what your program is. Not to talk down on some programs, but realistically you will have more time to do masters in path/psych/family vs general surg/internal etc Really what you should decide is why you want a degree first and then you can go ahead and do one if it will help you achieve your goals
  7. skyuppercutt

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    To give another perspective, this is something that I would definitely attend. I actually love attending talks like that, because I find that if I can leave with even just one new piece of knowledge on something that will make my life easier or help me change my practice in a way to make me more efficient I would do it. Just the opportunity to meet other residents and form relationships would be enough for me to attend. As Ellorie mentioned, I would also discuss stuff with my close friends/classmates and mentors, but this is something that I would do in addition to the above
  8. skyuppercutt

    Working as a FM Doc vs owning a FM practice?

    You don't have a choice as to whether or not you use your tuition credits. If you have any income (even if it's through a side gig and not residency) your tuition credits will be used up. If you don't apply for them to be used when you start making money, you will get a refund the following year when you file your taxes.
  9. skyuppercutt

    CaRMS statistics

    I'm pretty sure there is a statistic somewhere that showed that the vast majority of students who actually match, end up matching to one of their top 2 (or 3 choices) and anything after that their chances of matching drop steeply. So if you have 3 interviews and those are your top choices, chances are you'll probably match to one of them and adding more interviews is unlikely to add much to your chances of matching. That being said, I would still recommend going to as many interviews as possible. I went to every single one of my interviews (had 14) even though I was pretty confident I would match to one of my top 3 (matched to top choice). Also, I don't claim to know the rank lists of all my classmates but Idk anyone who matched to their 4th choice program in my school. People either matched to one of their top 3 choices or not at all...
  10. It depends on what you want to use it for. If you want uworld to study for the MCCQE then you should start it 1-2 months before you take the exam. If you want to use it to study during clerkship then it would make sense to get a 1 year subscription and do block questions as you rotate through each block. You can then get another subscription closer to the MCCQE 1 exam and review then. To answer the original question, I used Uworld for step 2 CK for about 1 month before writing the MCCQE 1 and did above average in almost all sections. Not top score or anything, but I was comfortable with my score. Also 2 days before writing the MCCQE1 I also wrote the step 2 Ck and passed that too with a decent margin, so it's def doable in 1 month and I don't consider myself to be particularly smart or anything. Also I only ended up going through like 1400 questions or so, so just over half the questions and I was fine. If you do 2 months and are a decent test taker you should no problem with either exams.
  11. skyuppercutt

    Lines of Credit

    MD Financial is not a bank, so you can't get a LOC from them. They would likely recommend you get one with scotiabank. There shouldn't be any fees associated with having it, as mentioned above
  12. I'm not sure for CAMH. When I was a MAM student I don't remember that option being available. I believe there are 2 students out of each rotation group of 9 that could do rotations at SickKids.
  13. Is PHEO -> public health and ethics? I tried searching for the term, but I couldn't find what it actually stands for Thanks in advance
  14. skyuppercutt

    Paying off federal component of OSAP

  15. skyuppercutt


    Ideally, as soon as it becomes available. Many students will be waiting for the portal to open for them to submit their application immediately. Really depends on the admin department, how many others have applied to the elective and whether homeschool students get first dibs. For example, if you applied to an elective and 6 other students applied before you did. The electives office should offer each of them the elective first. They then have 1 week to cancel, so if each student procrastinates it can take 1.5 months for the office to get back to you. Also, some run wait lists and some don't, etc. So the answer is that it really depends. Can take 2-3 months sometimes and it's pretty frustrating tbh. Depends on the specialty etc. I would imagine that derm electives don't get cancelled too much, but internal medicine electives probably do. depends on the school's policy. For most, it's at the time of application. Not if the doctor that fills out the form for you adds them in. It's usually less than 12 months before the application for electives. Idk anyone who had to complete them twice even if they booked them over 12 months in advance (could be wrong though) -> check the school's policy that you're applying to. If they say within 12 months of the electives then do it to be on the safe side