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  1. I did not receive any email, however I am an OOP applicant so that might be the reason for the difference.
  2. How is the housing market in london? I was trying to crunch the numbers between renting vs. buying a condo (most likely downtown London) and was wondering what current students or future students thought of the idea.
  3. Hahahaha, Oh no. I read the letter, I simply didn't look at the links at the bottom.
  4. Where is this facebook group, I have been looking for it forever!!!!
  5. Thank you so much guys. Ya I will definitely try to submit my application this june. Mostly to Michigan schools. I just feel that with the holistic approach most US schools go by, with my lack of research, I will be at a severe disadvantage.
  6. Hey guys! So this will be my first time applying to the US and I was just wondering if you guys could give me a few tips on where to start. I am on the waitlist for Western right now but I am not holding my breath. I know that I should apply early (june) since the schools are rolling admission. My only reservation is that my cumulative GPA is just barely competitive due to my lackluster first year but have had an amazing upward trend thus far. cGPA - 3.69 (first year I had around a 2.8 gpa, but then skyrocketed to around 3.91-3.93 for the last three years.) MCAT 34O (12BS, 11VR, 11PS) Graduated BsC 2013 (last year) - Have been volunteering and working since. EC - slightly above avg, only thing I feel like I am lacking in is research as I have only volunteered in a lab for 2 years during my undergrad. I am thinking of applying to wayne state since one of my friends is going there this coming year but other then that I don't know where to begin. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  7. From what others have said apparently that response is low waitlist. But who knows, maybe email them back for some clarification.
  8. So if it says people in your position have not been offered means low waitlist?
  9. I had exact same stats but with a 34 MCAT (12/11/11). I think after you make cutoffs they look at your reference letters and your ABS.
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