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  1. I'm actally from the city right across the Detroit Michigan bordet, so Michigan is definitely my place of choice for residency.
  2. Do you think it is possible to push for US DO grads to maintain their CMG status for CaRMS in Ontario, but require them to take the MCCEE and NAC? Yes the NAC is only for IMGs, but maybe US DO's can maintain their CMG status?
  3. This has me worried as an incoming OMS-I. Do you think I should be worried about getting a residency in a non-competitive field in the US, such as FM? FM can be on a J1 or H1B visa... Internal med? Psych? It's scary not knowing what the future holds...
  4. Rejection Date Stamp: 31/01/2014 - 9:37 AM Location: IP, OOO Stream: English wGPA: 3.9 Current year: UG Complete ECs: Average
  5. are the interviews all out by now? were they all sent at 916? anyone know how it was the previous years?
  6. Let me say that initially going into university I thought nursing would make it more difficult. I regret 100% not going the nursing-->medicine route... Why? Because nothing is certain. Graduating with a science degree will get you a 13/hour job. At least if medicine fails, or you change your mind, you are making good money and have a real career.
  7. Well I would assume that aswell. I was just double checking. If it is wGPA, that makes me much more comfortable with regard to my chances at a possible interview invite.
  8. Hey, OMSAS says to include the verifier number in brackets beside the activity. I just want to make sure that they are referring to the entry title. For ex. "(2)After-school tutor". Is that correct? I find it weird that this would be required considering we have to enter the verifier # when we add the details for each activity... Thank you
  9. Hey, I was wondering what to do for entries that require the # of hours when you don't know the exact value. For example, I have been playing guitar for a few years, or played many sports in highschool. Would it be appropriate to put "N/A" or should I come up with an estimate? I just feel the large estimate will look like i'm padding or something..
  10. I am listing it. It is better than having it blank. And to be honest, it is research, paid or not. Go for it!
  11. How do they expect us to fit everything we have learned in 150 characters!!! This is ridiculously hard and I will have to exclude so many valuable points...
  12. Hi all, I posted this in the general omsas discussion, but I haven't received a reply and need advice asap. Since high school I have helped out with my dads girlfriends business. It is a country convenience/food/coffee shop. I basically maintain the property (brick repair, painting, fixing problems with the floor, cut the grass) and help with preparing and serving food. I do not get paid for this. Is this okay to put down on my ABS considering it is "family"? I put many hours into this and I have done so many different things that it has made me much more well-rounded, so I definitely learned a lot. Thank you
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