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  1. Pardon me if this is the wrong place for this post I’m a third year student very interested in pursuing Anesthesiology. If there are any class of 2019 graduates who matched into Anesthesiology, or current residents on this forum please allow me to send you a PM (or send me a PM <3 ). Thanks sincerely
  2. Can anyone comment (either anecdotally or otherwise) on the impact taking a medical leave of absence may have on successfully matching? Would it make you less competitive for certain specialities? To what extent would you have to divulge the circumstances of your LOA on your Carms applications/CV and during interviews? Thanks in advance
  3. For those that interviewed this cycle, which site did you rank as your first choice? Feel free to share a bit about why! Also, if any current students would like to share about their current site and what they like/dislike about it, that'd be stellar.
  4. Hey there I had the same concern as you! haha, If you check out the communications log between the Admissions Office and yourself, there should be a message with the description "Upcoming Interviews". If you view the message you should see the second last bullet which states " Proof of citizenship is required only for applicants born outside of Canada. Please upload proof of citizenship to the Documents tab by February 19 at 12:00 p.m. PST or bring a hard copy with you to your interview registration. For most applicants, we will not update the received status for proof of citizenship until after the interviews." So I'm guessing we should be seeing the status changed to "received" soon!
  5. "Faculty of Medicine – MD Admissions Requirements Revisions The Committee has reviewed and recommends to Senate for approval the proposed changes to the admission requirements for the Doctor of Medicine Program. In order to enhance diversity within the program and remove barriers to the study of Medicine, Science prerequisites have been removed and will instead be strongly recommended. Removal of the Science pre-requisites will allow applicants from non-traditional backgrounds the opportunity to study Medicine. These students tend to choose primary care, including family care, which is currently underserved in the community. The only strict requirement will be 6 credits of English. Motion: That Senate approve the changes to the admission requirements for the Doctor of Medicine Program, effective for the 2016 Winter Session and thereafter." http://senate.ubc.ca/sites/senate.ubc.ca/files/downloads/20160120%20Vancouver%20Senate%20Materials.pdf #Lit
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