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  1. I was wondering what topics are covered in the first unit, molecules/global health? Are there a lot of biochem & genetics topics, given the 'molecules' bit? Also, are there exams at the end of every organ system unit, or only during the R&E weeks? If only during the R&E weeks, do you think that is better from the student perspective, as opposed to taking the exam right after each organ system unit? I also noticed in the curriculum schema that there was no endocrinology unit. I assume endo topics are integrated into the other units?
  2. admitted with condition. does mcgill require completion of graduate degree in progress, or just the bachelor's degree (basis of admission)
  3. Do the interviewers have access to our essays and ABS?
  4. Anyone else IP with interview invite shown in MINERVA but didn't receive the email yet?
  5. I am IP, and my portal shows that this status has been verified by admissions. Does that mean I may be getting an interview? Presumably they would not bother verifying IP status if they didn't want to offer an interview?
  6. Great question! i don't think this is mentioned in OMSAS FAQ's
  7. I'm registering in the application system for the first time, and its telling me my overall MCAT score value is out of range. Is this happening to anyone else?
  8. Are we supposed to include research projects for which we volunteered in this section since the heading of this section includes "Research". My sense is that we should include research-specific awards, but not research projects, which would be better suited for the volunteer section. Right?
  9. If you are looking to apply to med school in the US, its relatively late in the cycle to get started on that app b/c they use rolling admissions i.e. later you apply, the lower your chance of acceptance. If this is your last time applying you could say screw it, I'll just apply anyways, but practically speaking, starting to put your MD applications together for US schools at this point in the application cycle is not worth the money. Good luck!
  10. Why do you think these are harder than past years questions--IMO they're easier!
  11. Any comment on the above? I'm pretty sure we need to either classify as semester system or "Other term" for Canadian schools.
  12. I sure hope they stay in. I honestly don't trust polls anymore, over the past year in several major elections around the world they've been so far off, including in the 2015 UK general election. I think d cameron needs to make it crystal clear that scotland is gonna peace out if there's a brexit, as i think that will make people even more cautious to vote leave.
  13. However, the GMC might be able to mandate that everyone who wants to do UKFP needs to take UKMLA, including EU grads (will definitely be the case if UK leaves EU).
  14. If you look at the UK's General Medical Council website, it appears to me that you would be able to do med school in Australia then do UK foundation programme. By the time you finish Aus med school, the UKMLA will have replaced the PLAB, and its not clear at this point if you can complete all stages of UKMLA while in Aus med school such that you don't have to wait until after graduation to do the OSCE part of it for instance (currently, part 2 of PLAB can only be done after graduating med school, but my sense is that you could finish all of UKMLA prior to graduating med school and won't have to take a year off b/w med school and UKFP--not sure though as little literature on this!!). Edit: also, if you want to do UK residency, then you must have the right to work in the UK--w/ your EU passport you're good for now, but on June 23? the UK is having a referendum as to whether they leave the EU. At that point, if you don't have UK passport or indefinite leave to remain or something along those lines, it would probably be impossible to get UK foundation post.
  15. For the academic terms in AMCAS, what would UofT, Western and McMaster be classified as: quarter or trimester or semester?
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