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  1. Try calling in and asking them to schedule you on another date. It's a legitimate reason and I'm sure they're understanding
  2. There's a lot of posts/info on interview prep for CDA structured interviews (ie. UWO, UofT) on these forums already But anyways, common resources include Dental Interview Plus, Topstar, and CrushCDA. The dental interview plus package will tell u everything u needa know in terms of background info for CDA structured interviews. And it also has like 300 practice questions. Topstar is mostly for practice Qs if you go through dental interview plus. CrushCDA is a class u can take, it was started by a student at uoft and a lot of ppl find it quite helpful. I think what most ppl do is get dental interview + and prepare a couple months for background, then take a few sessions with Crush to solidify after they prepped by themselves with dental interview +/topstar. Good luck!
  3. Here's my thoughts on path3245. There's one midterm and one final. For each of these exams, there was only one prof's section that was challenging. Every other profs' sections were fairly straightforward just like path 3240. However, those profs had a lot of questions so if you did bad on that section you would likely end up doing poorly on the exam as a whole. The teaching quality and learning experience were better in 3245 than 3240 imo. You can actually do really well on the midterm that is worth 50% even with the one prof's challenging section. The final was not bad either except one prof (aformentioned hard section) who taught many classes and had questions out of the textbook that were specifically NOT in the course pack or lecture and really got a lot of people (I did not read the textbook for his section so I literally got like 20% of his questions probably...). Regardless, people still got 90s in the class. You'll have to work harder than in 3240 though.
  4. The lab questions tend to be kind of random.. You'll probably get a few youre sure of and maybe one youre iffy about. TPR covered a fair amount but i was still unfamiliar with a lab question on my dat.
  5. I believe theres only 1 edition, its called cracking the dat.
  6. I used TPR's DAT specific chem book along with chads. A huge ton of overlap, but there were some odd things here and there one had but the other didnt. For example the safety and lab stuff TPR covered but chads didnt even touch. Got 25.
  7. 100% you dont need shadowing to get into vast majority (if not all) of Canadian schools.
  8. nice site! Some you might consider adding are all the Sunnybrook ones (they have a lot), UofT's LMP summer research program, Banting and Best, and Mt. Sinai. Good luck!
  9. I'm looking at my UWO transcript from this year and our class averages are very very similar! Most are within 1-2% . Except orgo. Both orgo I and II class averages were quite a bit lower than 77 (around 70 for both).
  10. Unfortunately you have to buy the whole package! Bootcamp bio and chem and RC is really great too, it's an investment worth considering
  11. Similar experience in my undergrad. I too once seriously considered med but decided it wasn't fit for me. Again just anecdotes but I know quite a few peeps, myself included, who applied to only dentistry all with 3.98+ GPAs. I do believe this sample had poorer ECs than the average med applicant, but then again this is likely due to the fact that they were aware of what dent schools emphasize and worked to excel in those areas since day 1. Would this sample have been competitive for med? Probably not in the current state with a lack of ECs (except at Mac and Western), but with more 1-2 years/summers of undergrad For ECs I believe they would have been super competitive applicants.
  12. Vast majority of English schools in Canada is GPA + DAT + Interview. Of those 3, GPA and Interview are probably most important. McGill used to require LORs but they removed that requirement recently. I personally don't think shadowing will help you directly in terms of getting in but of course it is useful for other reasons.
  13. I received an email confirmation a little less than a week after mailing in my deposit + return slip.
  14. currently in pathtox @ western biomed battling through finals. Great program, fair, but be prepared to work very hard if you want good grades (but that certainly applies to all programs )!!
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