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  1. Fairly certain you need to maintain membership if you're subscribed for their disability insurance.
  2. You can go back and adjust your old returns. Pretty easy to do if you have a CRA online account. You can also check your carryover amounts. It's possible you were transferring your tuition credits to your parents/spouse etc. if you weren't filling out your own tax returns. Also if you were earning taxable income, your credits would be used to offset the tax payable. But definitely make sure you filed the correct tuition paid, and full-time/part-time months for the textbook/education tax credit.
  3. Apart from your typical deductions (union fees, moving expenses, and canada student loan interest) or credits (tuition and MCCQE mainly)... what other deductions do you have on your taxes? Would something like a flight for an elective be tax deductible? Anyone do their own taxes? How do you deduct your cell phone expenses (after acquiring a t2200)? If that's even legitimate anymore--read some stuff that it may not be allowed.
  4. Did you get the form from your PGME though?
  5. Anyone able to get a T2200 from their PGME? If so, what type of deductions do you qualify for.
  6. You'll be happy with the new liberal government: http://www.budget.gc.ca/2016/docs/plan/ch1-en.html Although the loss of the education/textbook credit is crap (especially for residents).
  7. I believe if you leave only $16000 with NSLSC, you won't be able to get it all forgiven. I think because any payments made towards the integrated federal-ontario loan are applied to both portions equally, whereas the program only forgives from the federal portion. So you would have to ensure the balance left in the NSLSC account is large enough that it leaves 16k federally. I suppose I'll give them a call to confirm though.
  8. Can't imagine the university made this decision lightly. Nobody here can say whether it was the right action or not, but it was likely heavily debated. You need to find out what professionalism issues they have against you and provide evidence to the contrary. The way you present it, it seems kind of ridiculous that they would ask you to withdraw, given your diagnosis at the time and subsequent successful treatment. That said, I'm sure there are some professionalism issues that can't be refuted, mental illness or not. Good luck.
  9. This is the program: http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/loans_grants/repayment/help/forgiveness.shtml I was wondering if anyone who is taking advantage of this program has partially paid down their OSAP (either with cash or LOC) but left a portion in their NSLSC account for loan forgiveness. I believe the forgiveness can only be applied to the federal portion of the loan.
  10. In your other thread you posted that your Queen's Anes is already on the 27th? If you're looking for the opposite switch, PM me.
  11. Hey, was wondering if anyone may be able to swap interviews... Does anyone have Ottawa/Queens Anesthesia on January 27, and able to switch with either my Queens - January 28th or Ottawa - January 29th?
  12. I think it was more competitive this year.
  13. Toronto changed the dates on us...
  14. It sounds like UBC sent all their 42 interviews already. They said they notify all applicants though, so perhaps they have an interview waitlist before sending the regrets. Don't know anyone who has heard from Manitoba yet, but in previous years they've been selective, usually offering most local applicants + top OOP candidates. Looks like Queen's sent a BCC to a bunch of applicants at 1600 EST today. So does not seem to be rolling. Seems like UWO is out for in province for sure, dunno about OOP. These came out yesterday afternoon.
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