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  1. It happened to me. I had an early elective in a specialty at home school I wanted, couldnt get a very strong letter because I was shuffled between two sites and never had a consistent preceptor. They asked about it in CaRMS why I didn't have a letter from my home school, explained the situation. I matched to my home program in that specialty, so as long as there is a good explaination I don't think it matters
  2. Oh god are they still doing that? I interviewed in 2018 and came out wanting to cry, and decided we had to go get pedi/mani because the interviewer made us feel like shit. Def went low on my rank list
  3. It’s listed in the CaRMS website.... everything is transparent when it comes to accreditation
  4. Plastics is not a back up to ENT. People need to realize that yes, ‘back up’ speciality is not necessarily their top choice, but a specialty that will prevent you from going unmatched. It sucks, and it’s stressful, but I think med students need to realize not every one can practice the field of choice in a geographical area of their choosing. I know it sucks, it’s unfair, but earlier you grasp that idea, the happier and less stressful you will be through carms, and reduce likelihood of going unmatched. There is no profession in the world where everyone gets to have their ideal job
  5. Getting a visa to work in the states is getting harder and harder and thus US programs are less willing to accept CMGs because there is no guarantee that the CMGs are able to get the visa, etc in time for July 1 when accepted. Grain of salt - I personally never applied to the states. This is of course, from my conversatiom with multiple interviewees (CSA) when I was going through carms
  6. It's because Calgary is super stingy about giving out interviews (24 for 5 spots or something) because they expect people will rank Calgary first.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that you went unmatched this year. I actually applied to anesthesia and IM and had good number of interviews in both specialties and matched to anesthesia. It is definitely possible to parallel plan with these two specialties well. pm me If you want to chat
  8. I had 6 med school interviews, 4 of which I had to fly (also from Calgary). Always arrived the day before the interview and never had any issues with flights
  9. Current: western IM Jan 24 Want: western IM Jan 25 Current: McGill Jewish General Jan 18 Want: McGill Jewish General Jan 24
  10. I can only speak for myself but... not a single clinical experience before I got into medicine. Never set my foot in a hospital/clinic unless as a patient. Never been asked about my previous clinical experience, even in my panel interview and I still got accepted to med schools around canada
  11. It is absolutely fine to email the admin office and tell them about the station. At least in my school the interviewer is supposed to let ume admissions office know that you knew one of the interviewee and get a replacement interviewer but if he has not done that you are allowed to let the admissions know about the station right after the interview through email or directly. You dont have to disclose what kind of relationship it was- just that you knew each other
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