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  1. Has anyone contacted admissions to confirm that the Canada-wide OOP decision date is in fact May 15th this year?
  2. MUN Faculty of Medicine Facebook page today: "Notification of interviews will be within the next two weeks." Doesn't look like we'll be hearing anything this week
  3. it just shows total GPA. So 3.9 first year, 3.9 second, 4.0 third, then total GPA 3.9. Is the 3.9 just the average of all 3, or would it be the 2 year GPA?
  4. Does Dalhousie use your raw or rounded year GPA's when calculating your GPA (most recent 2 years)? After entering my grades, it lists my second year GPA as 3.9 and my 3rd year GPA as 4.0 - so would they average these two to get 3.95, which would round up to 4.0?
  5. Has anyone taken this online course offered by the University of Toronto? I am considering taking it this summer, so any feedback would be much appreciated!
  6. Is it worth re-writing my MCAT? GPA: >3.9 MCAT: 14/10/14 (P/V/B) ECs: good, lots of leadership, founded a club Research: none yet, hopefully next summer 3rd year from Ontario, eligible for NOSM On AAMC practice tests I was averaging 12, and got as high as 14 on VR - nerves and a tough first passage threw me off a bit on test day. I know 11 is required for Western and Calgary - these aren't necessarily my top picks but I'd be happy anywhere and thus would like to apply broadly. I'm not applying til next year, so I could potentially rewrite next summer, but if I still have a decent shot at the other schools (including the US) I'd rather not.
  7. How is this test centre now? I am writing there next week and am a little worried based on what I've read.
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